David Schloss

On Christmas Day in 1977, David Schloss opened up his presents, which included an Apple ][+, monitor, and two floppy drives. Unbeknownst to him his father had discovered when testing the new gear before wrapping it that the tape recorder used to load the operating system didn't work. With Christmas fast approaching, his father called Apple and they arranged to ship a brand new device called a floppy drive as cargo on the next flight to New York. Thanks to the magic of that Christmas present, David was a technology junkie and a lifelong fan of Apple.


David also launched a group called the Aperture Users Network, a professional support and education group for photographers who used Apple's ill-fated photo editing tool. He still mourns the loss of that program. 


For the last few decades David has covered and reviewed tech of all kinds and was the Editor-in-Chief of the photography magazines Digital Photo Pro and Digital Photo. He has contributed to so many tech outlets he's lost count, but it's at least thirty publications and websites.


David is also the creator and host of the YouTube channel Dave Tries This, where he can (somewhat) satisfy his technology cravings by reviewing gear in various categories.