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Topic: iCloud

Apple's iCloud services again hit by global outage

04/23/2013, 08:04 am

The iCloud suite of services experienced an outage Tuesday morning, marking yet another period of downtime for Apple's cloud-based operations.


Apple's iCloud problems persist with two new service outages [update: 27-hour email issue reported]

04/19/2013, 05:04 pm

Coming on the heels of two issues last week, Apple's iCloud saw wide disruptions of service for Game Center on both Thursday and Friday, as well as isolated reports of iTunes Store downtime earlier in the week.


Apple building new downtown Reno facilities to support its iCloud data center

04/17/2013, 04:04 am

The struggling downtown of Reno, Nev., is about to get an infusion of investment when Apple begins construction of new support facilities to manage the iCloud data center now being built 20 miles away.


Apple now hiring for Oregon data center as project moves closer to completion

04/15/2013, 03:04 pm

Apple may be close to having its Prineville, Ore., iCloud data center up and running, as the company has begun advertising new job listings for engineers to staff the facility.


iMessage & FaceTime outage hits Apple devices for second time in a week [update: fixed]

04/12/2013, 11:04 am

Apple's iMessage and FaceTime services saw their second outage this week on Friday, as both services were unavailable to "some users," the company disclosed.


Apple's iMessage and FaceTime down for some users [u]

04/09/2013, 04:04 pm

An unknown number of users have been affected by an outage of Apple's iMessage and FaceTime messaging services, with downtime reaching nearly an hour.


Apple's Reno iCloud data center taps AT&T's latest DWDM tech

04/03/2013, 09:04 am

Apple's $1 billion iCloud data center near Reno, Nevada taps into the latest technology in data signaling to bring high speed Internet services from the desert to users. Here's what's involved in the mega "information superhighway" project.


High-tech water systems help drive Apple's Reno iCloud project

04/02/2013, 08:04 am

Part of Apple's $1 billion investment in its newest iCloud data center in Reno, Nev., goes toward providing clean water for efficient cooling in the high desert location. Here's what's involved in the mega project.


Apple's iCloud disparaged over Core Data sync problems

03/29/2013, 12:03 pm

Apple's ambitious plan to make iCloud the new digital hub for Mac and iOS users' documents, data and media files has run into complaints from developers who reportedly don't believe Apple will address their issues related to database sync. There's hope for thinking things will improve, however.


Apple's moving the earth for its iCloud site in Reno, Nevada

03/28/2013, 08:03 am

While work progresses on Apple's third data center in Prineville, Ore., a massive fourth facility is being constructed near Reno, Nev. AppleInsider offers an exclusive look at the heavy machinery clearing space for a major new data center building designed to host Apple's iTunes, App Store and other iCloud online services.


Exclusive: Apple's initial iCloud facility in Reno already ready to go online

03/27/2013, 08:03 am

Apple's latest data center project near Reno, Nevada, was thought to only be in early planning stages, but an initial segment of the project is already complete and just days away from going online, AppleInsider has learned.


Apple's iCloud reigning over the greenest data centers on the planet

03/25/2013, 04:03 am

Apple is rapidly expanding its data center footprint, but not without sophisticated plans to manage its environmental impact. Here's a look at the company's ambitious efforts to build the world's greenest data centers.


New security hole allows for Apple ID password reset using Apple's iForgot page [u]

03/22/2013, 03:03 pm

Just a day after Apple tightened account security by introducing two-step verification, yet another vulnerability has been exposed, one that could allow for malicious users to reset the Apple ID and iCloud passwords of others using only an email address and date of birth.


Apple ID security improved with new two-step verification option

03/21/2013, 03:03 pm

Apple on Thursday improved its security system for Apple ID accounts tied to services like iCloud and iTunes, offering users two-step verification for when making changes to an account.


Apple's iCloud is most-used cloud service in the US, beating Dropbox & Amazon

03/21/2013, 11:03 am

With support built into every Mac and iOS device, Apple's iCloud is the most-used cloud media service by U.S. consumers, a new survey has found.


iCloud authentication down for some after OS X 10.8.3 rollout [u]

03/14/2013, 05:03 pm

Users of Apple's iCloud, which provides a single login for a number of services including Mail and Messages, are seeing authentication errors, with the problem coming just minutes before the company released the latest OS X 10.8.3 update.


First Look: Apple's iCloud data center site in Reno, Nevada

03/09/2013, 05:03 pm

Apple has more in its pipeline than just new Macs and iOS products; the company is aggressively planning out and building new data centers to support iCloud and related iTunes features. Here's a look at the next major construction project planned at the new Reno Technology Park.


Apple buys 18 'axis-based' user interface patents from Canadian holding company

01/31/2013, 03:01 pm

Apple last year bought a number of patents from Maya-Systems Inc. that cover an "intuitive way to display any virtual content in a superior manner."


Apple's iCloud sees more outages following iCloud Status webpage redesign [u]

12/17/2012, 06:12 pm

In what is becoming a monthly routine, Apple iCloud users are experiencing outages for a number of services, including email and syncing to the cloud.


Apple adds driving directions to 'Find My iPhone' app

12/11/2012, 02:12 pm

Apple on Tuesday updated its Find My iPhone application to provide users with driving directions to a lost device's location.