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Topic: Macworld

Editorial: Apple's move to ARM is possible because most users want power more than compatibility

06/21/2019, 09:06 am

What was once at least a concern and often the barrier that stopped Mac sales, cross-platform software compatibility is now mostly irrelevant to the wider user base -- and we all stand to benefit.


August 6, 1997 -- The day Apple and Microsoft made peace

08/06/2018, 10:08 am

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs came together 21 years ago, when Microsoft agreed to invest $150 million in Apple stock. The deal shocked Apple purists, but it helped put Apple on a firm footing for a few reasons -- and made its historic run possible in the second Steve Jobs era.


IDG cancels Macworld/iWorld 2015 conference, says show 'going on hiatus'

10/14/2014, 01:10 pm

On the heels of last month's cancelation of Macworld's print magazine, IDG announced on Tuesday that the long running 2015 Macworld/iWorld conference, formerly known as the Macworld Expo, has also been canceled, marking the end of an era.


Macworld/iWorld moves to late March

04/02/2013, 11:04 am

Next year will see the annual Macworld/iWorld expo moving to a new date and location, as the expo's organizers seek to balance attendee requests and the realities of putting on a large show.


Hands on: Goal Zero's portable chargers

02/04/2013, 01:02 pm

There are always a few solar charging products at the Macworld expo, and the 2013 show was no exception. Some of the companies have come and gone, but Goal Zero has continued to expand its charging products.


Hands on: PowerTrekk portable fuel cell charger

02/04/2013, 01:02 pm

MyFC made headlines two years ago when it unveiled a portable fuel cell charger, the PowerTrekk, however the promise of a spring 2012 release has now turned into a spring 2013 target.


Briefly: CrazyTalk 7 app uses audio and text to automatically animate faces

02/03/2013, 03:02 am

Like the others, I was drawn by the visual of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi on the screen, its jaw moving in time with pre-recorded speech, welcoming me to the CrazyTalk booth at Macworld.


Flint mobile payment system replaces card readers with iPhone's camera

02/03/2013, 03:02 am

Mobile payment solutions company Flint looks to take on established names in the segment with its new app, which eschews magnetic card readers for a unique camera-based image-recognition system.


Double Robotics leverages Apple's iPad with Double remote telepresence robot

02/03/2013, 03:02 am

A necessary byproduct of living in the future as we do appears to be the occasional bit of tech that is simultaneously very cool and remarkably impractical. Normally retailing for $2,500, and requiring the investment of at least another $500 to function, Double Robotics' Double telepresence robot fits squarely into that category. It is pretty fun to watch, though.


First look: Boinx Software's iStopMotion 2

02/02/2013, 08:02 pm

Boinx Software's iStopMotion 2 stands above most of the rest at this year's Macworld/iWorld as a fun and well realized leveraging of the iPad's technology.


SNL's Fred Armisen talks Steve Jobs, love of tech at Macworld

02/02/2013, 12:02 am

In an interview with Forbes after his Macworld/iWorld keynote on Friday, comedic actor Fred Armisen shared a story about meeting late Apple cofounder Steve Jobs, and gave his feelings on how technology affects his work.


Corning's super-strong Thunderbolt and USB 'Optical Cables' deliver data over 100-meter spans

02/02/2013, 12:02 am

Electronics are often delicate things, eliciting gasping dread when knocked off a table by an elbow or falling into a beer glass from between clumsy fingers. That's why it's refreshing to see a Macworld exhibitor that's willing to put their product through an old-school torture test to delight the passersby, as Corning was with its new optical cables.


Seagate's pocketable, self-powered Wireless Plus HDD streams content to multiple iOS devices

02/01/2013, 09:02 pm

I never really thought I'd ever see people lining up to check out a wireless hard drive under under glass, on display like the Hope Diamond. Then again, I never thought I'd see a man wearing an Abe Lincoln costume and a steampunk arm-mounted email machine concept. I saw both at Macworld.


Belkin's Thunderstorm speaker dock brings room-filling audio to iPad

02/01/2013, 08:02 pm

In showing off their wares, companies sometimes put product reps in odd positions, but mild sensory deprivation isn't terribly common. So it was novel to find myself in a soundproof booth with a Belkin representative, checking out the Thunderstorm. "I have no idea what's been going on outside this room all day," he admitted to me before starting the demo.


Fujitsu's ScanSnap iX500 digitizes 25 double-sided docs per minute; wins a Best of Show

02/01/2013, 08:02 pm

The straightforward demonstrations you see at Macworld are sometimes the best. No long pitch or hard sale, just a quick demo of a scanner zipping through a few pages and automatically transmitting documents to an iPad.


HP trying to mend ties with Apple customers while demoing new gear at Macworld

02/01/2013, 03:02 pm

"What's your impression of the relationship between HP and Apple?" the Hewlett-Packard representative asked. "Because I'll bet you it's probably five years out of date."


Ashton Kutcher on Steve Jobs biopic: 'This was done with the utmost love, admiration, and respect'

01/31/2013, 04:01 pm

The 29th annual Macworld conference kicked off today at the Moscone Center in San Francisco with Macworld GM Paul Kent interviewing Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad, stars of the Steve Jobs biopic JOBS. The two actors talked about the roles they took on, with Kutcher surprising the crowd with some serious Apple nerd cred.


Interview: Macworld/iWorld GM Paul Kent on the event's evolution post-Apple

01/31/2013, 02:01 pm

In years past, Macworld was the year's defining event for the Mac community, an event blessed by Apple's presence. Since Apple stopped attending Macworld, the show has lived on, evolved, and even taken on a new name.


Microsoft announces 2012 CES will be its last

12/21/2011, 02:12 pm

Microsoft announced on Wednesday that the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, at which its CEO Steve Ballmer will give the keynote address, will be the last show the company attends.


Macworld Expo mirrors Apple's product shift with new 'iWorld' name

10/25/2011, 03:10 pm

Next year's Macworld Expo, set to kick off Jan. 26, 2012, will carry a new name for the first time, "Macworld|iWorld," to reflect the importance of Apple's i-products like the iPhone and iPad.