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Services, wearables, 5G 'iPhone 12' make Morgan Stanley AAPL buyers

02/26/2020, 07:02 am

While the coronavirus is still having a big impact on China iPhone production, and the smartphone market as a whole, Morgan Stanley sees the impacts as mostly timing problems for Apple, and are buyers, maintaining a $368 stock price target.


Apple offers coronavirus warning ahead of shareholder meeting

02/25/2020, 02:02 pm

Apple has issued a warning to shareholders attending Wednesday's annual shareholder meeting about the coronavirus, asking people who recently visited China to make sure they self-quarantined for two weeks beforehand, to minimize further spread of the virus.


Warren Buffet says he's finally using an Apple iPhone

02/24/2020, 09:02 am

The 89-year-old billionaire Warren Buffet says that he has switched to the latest iPhone after years of using a $20 flip phone, despite years of investing in Apple and describing it as the best business in the world.


Wedbush seeing temporary coronavirus challenges, keeping $400 AAPL price target

02/24/2020, 07:02 am

While the coronavirus is having impacts on the supply chain, Wedbush is holding fast on its $400 Apple stock target price and sees Apple's iPhone growth story continuing later in 2020.


Apple's coronavirus revenue miss seen as short-term hurdle

02/18/2020, 07:02 am

While industry observers are clearly seeing a short-term financial and business impact from the coronavirus outbreak in China, the first analysts chiming in on the situation don't have long-term concerns surrounding Apple's financial prospects.


Berkshire Hathaway sold over $800M in Apple shares in Q1 2020

02/17/2020, 10:02 am

Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett's investment fund, has reduced its holdings in Apple over the last quarter, offloading in excess of $800 million worth of Apple stock over a three-month period, but it still maintains its position as the iPhone maker's biggest shareholder.


'iPhone 12' production may fall behind schedule because of coronavirus

02/12/2020, 12:02 pm

Apple may be shifting production of the "iPhone SE 2" to Taiwan while "iPhone 12" production could slip behind schedule, according to questionable speculation from within the supply chain.


Apple will be more transparent with finances in Ireland after status change

02/11/2020, 08:02 am

Six of Apple's Irish entities will now be required to make certain financial information publicly available, thanks to the company shifting to "limited" status.


Why did Apple buy up another $20B in stock at record highs?

02/08/2020, 03:02 pm

Since 2012, Apple has been buying back its shares at an extraordinary rate, often exceeding $10 billion-- and frequently approaching $20 billion-- per quarter. Now that its stock has doubled across the last year, why is it continuing to snap up shares?


The iPhone was the fastest growing premium smartphone in India in 2019

02/05/2020, 11:02 am

The iPhone XR led the way to Apple becoming the fastest growing premium smartphone brand for the year in the country.


Podcasts help Spotify eclipse Apple Music subscribers with 124M paid users

02/05/2020, 09:02 am

Apple Music rival Spotify's efforts to push for podcasts is paying off, reporting in its Q4 financial results a 200% year-on-year rise in the listening of the shows, with the streaming music service still retaining the top spot globally with more than 124 million paying subscribers.


Apple Pay commission fee a massive hurdle for banks in Israel

02/04/2020, 09:02 am

Apple has begun talks with banks and credit companies in Israel, hoping to bring Apple Pay to the country-- but Apple's commission fee may present a problem.


Apple supplier Japan Display secures $936M bailout from Ichigo

01/31/2020, 09:01 am

Japan Display has been given a much-needed bailout, agreeing on Friday to an investment of up to 100.8 billion yen ($926 million) from Ichigo Asset Management, funds that will help keep the beleaguered Apple supplier in operation.


Piper Sandler joins post-earnings chorus, hikes AAPL to $343

01/29/2020, 12:01 pm

Focusing less on Tuesday's blockbuster earnings, and more on the potential for the 5G "iPhone 12," Piper Sandler has also increased its Apple stock price target.


Examining Apple's record-setting $91.8B holiday quarter by the numbers

01/29/2020, 10:01 am

Apple's biggest holiday quarter revenue ever is also a record-setter in a number of respects, with growth across nearly every one of Apple's market segments. AppleInsider drills down into the numbers, and puts them in perspective, to show just how well the iPhone maker did in the last quarter.


Rosenblatt throws in the towel on AAPL coverage

01/29/2020, 09:01 am

The most bearish Apple analyst on the Street is parting ways with Rosenblatt Securities, and as a result the firm said it will be ceasing its coverage of the iPhone maker.


Cowen drives AAPL target to $370 on iPhone's return to growth

01/29/2020, 07:01 am

Recapping Apple's $91.8 billion quarter, Cowen is seeing continued strength and earnings power from the company going forward, and has increased its target price for Apple stock yet again.


J.P. Morgan joins bulls, hikes Apple stock target price to $350

01/29/2020, 07:01 am

The morning after Apple's record-breaking holiday quarter results were published, J.P. Morgan analysts are reconsidering the value of the company's business with a dramatic increase in Apple stock target price.


iPhone 11 was Apple's best-selling iPhone during lucrative holiday quarter

01/28/2020, 06:01 pm

Apple's wildly popular iPhone 11 helped drive record revenue growth in the first fiscal quarter of 2020, with the handset sitting at the top of company sales charts every week during the important December quarter.


Apple has more than 1.5B active devices in the wild, up 100M in last year

01/28/2020, 05:01 pm

Apple has reached its highest install base ever with more than 1.5 billion active devices in use by customers around the world, a jump from 1.4 billion devices clocked a year ago.