Sources: Apple to unveil new iPod lineup on September 9

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Apple currently plans to host a media event on Wednesday, Sept. 9 to introduce its 2009 iPod offerings and make a host of other music-related announcements, AppleInsider can independently confirm.

People familiar with the matter say the Cupertino-based electronics maker had been teetering between Sept. 8 and Sept. 9 for weeks, but most recently indicated to its industry-related partners that the latter of the two dates would be more feasible. 

Apple, as it has for the past four years, is expected to use the gathering to introduce new versions of its iPod nano and iPod touch digital music players, both of which should serve as dual-purpose point-and-shoot cameras for the first time. AppleInsider also has it on authority that cameras are just one piece to this year's iPod story.

Also likely is an introduction of iTunes 9, which has widely been rumored in recent weeks to make its debut with a handful of social networking features — a first of sorts for Apple. Unexpected is anything having to do with the much anticipated Newton Web tablet, which isn't expected to surface in any form until the first calendar quarter of 2010.

While it's unclear at which venue Apple will hold the event, San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center would seem a likely candidate if past years (


, 2, 3, 4) are of any indication. The Moscone West is also another potential candidate site. Analysts and members of the media should start receiving invitations will full details roughly one week prior.

Word that Apple cordoned off Sept. 9 for its annual fall event was first published earlier this month by John Paczkowski on the D | All Things Digital blog. 

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