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AppleInsider Podcast discusses the idea of an ARM powered MacBook, the latest from Google, and MicroLED rumors

This week on the AppleInsider podcast, Neil and Victor talk about the possibility of an ARM CPU in a Macbook, Google's new devices, and more.

In our latest episode, AppleInsider editors Neil Hughes and Victor Marks discuss:

  • ARM CPUs in MacBooks. We've had this rumor on and off for years, but it's started making noise again. Neil and I both think it could be real on a long enough timeline.
  • Victor and Neil both like Apple's work on MicroLED displays. The guess is that Apple would use it to make longer-life or always on Apple Watch displays
  • Apple acquired the team. was working on artificial intelligence for customer service. The application here is clearly Siri improvements.
  • Production issues with the TrueDepth camera indicate iPhone X production will be limited to about 30M units. Previously it was thought output might be higher.
  • Major League Baseball is testing Apple's NFC for ticketing. This is the first use of Apple's devices for this application.
  • We talk about all the Google devices - Home Max, Home Mini, and the Pixelbook.
  • And the 70 USD Roku stick. It seems like Apple has vacated the $99 price point. Sure, it's easier to come down than raise prices, but Apple hasn't had a problem doing either in the past.
  • Victor is optimistic about Parker, an augmented reality child's toy that's now an exclusive in Apple Retail
  • Neil still likes his Apple Watch Series 3, and talks about the Nike+ version coming out
  • We talk a little about the Beats Studio3, which has the W1 chip for seamless bluetooth handoff across Apple devices, and active noise cancellation.
  • Neil mentions charging - we made a video that shows the speed difference between wireless charging and wired, and Neil still is a little frustrated by the cost of cables and power supplies required to charge the iPhone at its fastest.
  • We sent Mikey to the GoPro event a few days ago, and he got to go hands-on with a number of the new GoPros. Neil likes the 360 ones the best. The best news is, they use the same HEVC video codec that iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra are using now, as well as Apple TV 4K.

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