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AppleInsider podcast discusses Jony Ive, the latest from Oculus, and the idea of a foldable iPhone

This week on the AppleInsider podcast, Neil and Victor talk about Jony Ive's interview at The New Yorker TechFest, the future of Apple, augmented reality headsets, foldable phones, Disney's push for movies on any service, and much more.

In our latest episode, AppleInsider editors Neil Hughes and Victor Marks discuss:

  • Oculus announces price changes and new head-mounted displays. This is the sort of thing that's necessary on the path to success for AR HMDs, but is it enough? Neil and Victor have thoughts.
  • So does Tim Cook, who says that the technology isn't ready for an Apple AR HMD.
  • Neil talks about what he learned from Jony Ive
  • IKEA continues to let us down on HomeKit updates for the Tradfri lightbulbs
  • Apple is finally getting the data center in Athenry, Ireland out of planning stages. Hold-ups have been people accusing them of not having plans for greenhouse gas amelioration and power grid demand planning. This is a little silly, in that every data center built so far has been carbon-neutral and grid independent.
  • Apple applies for a patent on foldable displays, appears to be collaborating with LG
  • Disney's Movies Anywhere service launches with 5 studios and support for Amazon, Google, iTunes, and VUDU.
  • Surveys of 6,100 teenagers indicates that the majority have iOS devices and more want them. Neil questions the utility of these studies and provides one he thinks is more interesting.
  • iPhone X took two years to develop.
  • We talk about the Beats3 Wireless review briefly. Short summary: Apple's W1 chip is a good thing.

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