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AppleInsider Podcast interviews Annemarie Dooling on Facebook, T. Greg Doucette on warrants to Google, iPhones and more

This week on the AppleInsider podcast, Victor interviews Annemarie Dooling about Facebook, T. Greg Doucette, attorney and former Apple employee about warrants served to Google, and Victor and Mike talk about the latest in iPhone rumors.

Image by listener Matthew Smith

AppleInsider editors Victor Marks and Mike Wuerthele discuss:

  • The fall lineup of iPhones is rumored to go into pilot production in June. This sounds like things should be right on track.
  • The 5.8 inch iPhone is said to cost Apple less to produce. Again, we're not surprised that Apple would make an effort to cost reduce year on year. Of course they will!
  • Facebook. What else is there to say? Facebook isn't focused on users, they're focused on sales.
  • Annemarie Dooling, a community manager with years of experience using Facebook as a publisher tells us the kinds of things Facebook knows about users, and gives some good advice on best practices to moderate that data.
  • Raleigh NC PD served warrants to Google asking for sweeping information on all users in the vicinity of a crime. This is a little unusual, and T. Greg Doucette, laywer and former Apple employee joins us to tell us what's different about these warrants.
  • Jimmy Iovine is maybe taking a different role at Apple. All the other celebs who joined Apple for Apple Music's launch seem to have moved on. Will Iovine?
  • Greg Joswiak at Apple (Joz!) thinks that iOS gaming on Apple TV is comparable to a console. We're not convinced.
  • Apple isn't backing down from Project Titan. They've got 45 cars roaming California, driving by themselves.
  • The Apple Watch is more accurate than Vic Gundotra's Kardiaband accessory for Apple Watch.

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