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Apple services could be offered in 'Apple One' bundle this October

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Apple could be preparing to launch a new subscription offering that bundles together all of its services into one plan, with the alleged "Apple One" plan allegedly being readied for launch alongside the "iPhone 12" range.

A combined bundle of all of its online services has been touted in rumors and speculation for some time, one that would bring together different subscriptions into one monthly payment. In a report on Wednesday, it seems Apple is getting closer to offering customers a deal.

Allegedly titled "Apple One," sources of Bloomberg claim the bundle is planned to launch as early as October, to coincide with the release of the next iPhone generation. The aim of the bundle is to try and encourage users to pay for more Apple services by offering an attractive proposition.

The plan would be offered with various tiers, with each variation offering a different combination of Apple's existing offerings. For example, a basic package could combine Apple Music with Apple TV , with Apple Arcade added in for a higher-cost bundle, while adding in Apple News and additional iCloud storage will enhance the price more.

For consumers, the plans would be offered at a lower price than they would pay if they signed up for each subscription individually, at a saving of between $2 to $5 per month. Family Sharing would also be enabled, making the proposition even more valuable for groups.

The same sources indicated Apple One isn't the only subscription program Apple may launch, with it working on a virtual fitness class service that could be made available across iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Codenamed "Seymour," the service would compete against similar offerings from Nike and Peloton, and while it would be available separately, it would also be offered as part of the same Apple One package on a higher-end tier.

Not all services will be included in Apple One, as Apple apparently doesn't want to include AppleCare or monthly payment plans for hardware as part of the offering.

Apple's potential all-in-one bundle has seemingly endured a bumpy journey for launch. In March, it was claimed some Apple Music agreements were causing problems for Apple in creating the Apple One package.

More recently in June, evidence of a bundle appeared in code for iOS 13.5.5, with mentions of a "bundle offer" and "bundle subscription" hinting at the continued development.