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New iMac Pro & AirPods Pro included in 2022 refresh, report reiterates

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Apple's plans for 2022 include an iMac Pro redesign, a major update for AirPods Pro, and a slew of other launches, a report on Sunday confirms.

Apple is widely expected to introduce a multitude of product updates throughout 2022, including typical launches of iPhones in the fall. In a Sunday report, the catalog will include a return of the iMac Pro.

Detailing his expectations for 2022 product launches in Bloomberg's "Power On" newsletter, Mark Gurman discusses the "bigger than the current 24-inch" iMac that's on the way, one he believes will use the iMac Pro brand.

In his forecast, the model will apparently have "similar chips to the M1 Pro and M1 Max processors inside of the iMac Pro." The model will also get a facelift, giving it a "similar design" to the 24-inch iMac.

The predictions are unsurprising, as they cover similar ground to other previous rumors, which have put forward the idea of a new iMac Pro model arriving in early 2022. In December, one report said it would have a 27-inch display with mini LED backlighting and support for 120Hz ProMotion.

The processor claims also date back to another leaker's claims in October, with the same source claiming on January 23 that it could be an opportunity for Apple to introduce a fourth M1 chip variant.

Gurman also mentions AirPods Pro in the piece, which will allegedly receive a "big update" later in 2022.

Rumors have previously pointed to a potential "AirPods Pro 2" launch sometime in 2022, complete with a possible redesign that could reduce or eliminate the stem entirely. Support for lossless playback has been suggested in rumors, with improved processing enabling new features including auto-switching, on-device Siri, case tracking, and health sensors.

In terms of other launches, Gurman recounts other rumors about a spring event in March or April, which could see the launch of a new iPhone SE with 5G, an iPad Air update, and a new Mac Pro with Apple Silicon.