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Apple Maps brings Look Around to Finland, Norway, and Sweden

New Apple Maps design for Finland, Norway, and Sweden

Apple is continuing to steadily roll out its dramatically improved Apple Maps worldwide, with three European countries now getting 3D images, and Look Around, for the first time.

Back in July 2020, Apple Maps cars were revealed to be taking to the road in Finland, Norway, and Sweden — and now those countries have come the latest to get the new mapping design.

Apple has announced that users in these countries will now get the redesign's easier route planning, better navigation and 3D views of landmarks such as Olofsborg in Finland, Akershus fortress in Norway and Palmhuset in Sweden.

"Maps are the best way to explore and navigate the world while protecting your privacy," Eddy Cue, Senior Vice President of Services at Apple said, in translation, in a statement. "We're excited to offer even more users this experience with the new features we're launching today."

"Maps have been redesigned from the ground up with better navigation, greater detail and more accurate location information," he continued. "It also includes great features that only Apple can offer, including Look Around and Natural Language Guidance."

"Now it's easier than ever to find exciting places and get where you want to go," said Cue.

As well as the visual updates to Apple Maps, the new redesign includes improved natural language guidance so that Siri can say "turn left at the next traffic light," for instance. There's also now Shared ETA, which lets Apple Maps text your arrival time to someone, and text updates if that changes.

Apple has been rolling out the redesign for several years now, most recently including for users in countries such as France, Monaco, and New Zealand.