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No, your Apple TV, Apple Watch, and Apple Vision Pro aren't getting Apple Intelligence

Image Playground on an iPad

Apple Intelligence is the company's big AI push, but it's only going to be available initially on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS starting this fall.

Apple's biggest news during the WWDC Keynote is its massive step forward in the field of artificial intelligence. The launch of Apple Intelligence stands to significantly improve how users interact with their iPhones and work on their iPads.

However, it's not something that will be available across all of Apple's platforms to start.

During WWDC, Apple revealed how Apple Intelligence will work on iOS 18 as well as iPadOS 18, and on macOS Sequoia.

That means you won't be able to benefit from Apple Intelligence on tvOS, watchOS, and visionOS, since it won't be heading to those platforms. With no mention at all of Apple Intelligence linked to the Apple Watch, Apple TV, or Apple Vision Pro during the presentation, that means support isn't inbound for those platforms at launch.

This does make sense, at least for tvOS and watchOS. Outside of a slightly smarter Siri for requesting shows to watch, there's no real need for it on the set-top box nor the Apple Watch.

It's arguable that, since you can actually do productive work on the Apple Vision Pro, support for visionOS could make sense. And, Apple Vision Pro hardware has the M2 chip, which is fine for it on Mac.

Alas, despite all that, it seems it still isn't enough for Apple to include for visionOS users.

While the three platforms won't have Apple Intelligence this fall, it doesn't mean they won't necessarily get it in some form in the future. It's likely that Apple will do so in later generations, once it has firmly nailed down the experience with its main platforms.