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Topic: Cinema Display

Apple's Thunderbolt Display takes 26% of big-screen computer LCD sales

04/10/2012, 07:04 am

The 27-inch Apple Thunderbolt Display and legacy Cinema Display are North American market leaders for LED LCD computer screens sized 24 inches and up, accounting for 26.2 percent of the market.


Apple issues fix for flickering issue with 24" Cinema Display and Thunderbolt

09/29/2011, 02:09 am

Apple has released a firmware update for its 24-inch LED Cinema Display that resolves a flickering issue that occurred when connected to the company's newer Thunderbolt-equipped Macs.


Teardown of Apple's Thunderbolt Display finds same LG panel used in 2009 iMac

09/28/2011, 09:09 am

Apple's newly released Thunderbolt Display sports an LG display with the same model number found in the 27-inch iMac released in 2009, a teardown of the screen has found.


Apple still looking into lingering issues with 24-in. Cinema Display & Thunderbolt

09/23/2011, 02:09 pm

Issues when connecting a 24-inch Cinema Display to a Thunderbolt port have persisted since the high-speed data and video port debuted early this year, but there is an indication that Apple is aware of the problem and working on a fix.


Thunderbolt Displays shipping; Apple knockoff settlement; Apple Experience Center

09/16/2011, 02:09 am

Customers report that Apple has begun shipping LED Thunderbolt Displays directly to them. Also, the company has reached a settlement with two New York stores that were allegedly selling knockoff goods and accessories. Finally, students at a top university in China are unhappy with an Apple Experience Center soon to open inside the campus library.


Apple shipping first Thunderbolt Displays to stores, resellers

09/06/2011, 08:09 pm

A pair of new reports suggest Apple is shipping its new 27-inch Thunderbolt Display to its retail stores and resellers this week, while individual pre-orders are said to have shipping estimates of Sept. 15.


Apple's new 27-inch LED display is world’s first Thunderbolt display

07/20/2011, 08:07 am

Apple on Wednesday unveiled the new Apple Thunderbolt Display, the world’s first display with Thunderbolt I/O technology and built-in docking cables for Mac notebooks set to arrive sometime in the next 60 days for $999.


Apple Cinema Display page under maintenance ahead of Thunderbolt update [u]

07/16/2011, 02:07 am

Shortly after leaked images of an updated Thunderbolt-capable LED Cinema Display surfaced, the Apple Online Store's page for the product stopped working, serving as further evidence that a refresh is imminent.


Leaked images show Apple's new Thunderbolt LED Cinema Display

07/15/2011, 03:07 pm

Images discovered on Apple's own servers show a new Thunderbolt-equipped LED Cinema Display, suggesting the new hardware is set for an imminent launch.


Apple updates Cinema Display firmware to fix audio issue

12/15/2010, 07:12 pm

Apple issued a firmware update to its 27-inch LED Cinema Display Wednesday, addressing an issue where sound cuts out from the display's speakers.


Users complain of sound issues with Apple's 27-inch Cinema Display

12/01/2010, 10:12 am

Owners of Apple's new 27-inch LED Cinema Display have had problems with the hardware's speakers, with sound that cuts out and issues with volume control.


Leaked Apple dead pixel policy allows two for iPad, none for iPhone

11/05/2010, 03:11 pm

Apple's official internal policy on replacing devices with dead LCD pixels leaked this week, revealing that the company will replace an iPhone if it has just one dead pixel, while an iPad must have at least three to qualify.


Apple's soon-to-arrive 27-in Cinema Display gets software updates

09/22/2010, 05:09 pm

Apple on Wednesday released a handful of software updates to ensure system compatibility with the new 27-inch LED Cinema Display, set for an imminent release to those who first ordered last week.


Apple's 27-inch LED Cinema Display now available for purchase

09/17/2010, 08:09 am

Apple on Friday made its 27-inch LED Cinema Display, packing a 2,560-by-1,440 pixel resolution and 178-degree viewing angle, available for sale in its online store for $999.


Apple Store update suggests 27-inch Cinema Display coming soon

09/13/2010, 11:09 pm

The online Apple Store now displays details of the new 27-inch Cinema Display on its Configure your Mac page, a sign that the display may be close to shipping.


Apple discontinues 24, 30-inch Cinema Displays for 27-inch model

07/28/2010, 10:07 am

Apple's new 27-inch Cinema Display will mark the end of the 24- and 30-inch models once supplies run out, leaving the company with just one standalone monitor offering.


Apple's new 27-inch LED Cinema Display to ship in September

07/27/2010, 08:07 am

Apple on Tuesday took the wraps off its new 27-inch LED Cinema Display which sports a 2560 x 1440 resolution and 60 percent more screen real estate than the company's existing24-inch LED Cinema Display.


New iMacs, Mac Pros and 27-inch Cinema Display expected Tuesday [u]

07/26/2010, 02:07 pm

Apple is poised to release updates to its iMac and Mac Pro desktops, as well as a brand new 27-inch Cinema Display on Tuesday, according to a new rumor.


Apple's 27" iMac only supports native or 720p video input, no 1080p

07/21/2010, 06:07 pm

Apple's revised 27" iMac introduced this spring debuted a new feature: a Mini DisplayPort video port that worked in both directions, enabling external video sources to output video to the screen. That feature is largely limited to 720p in HDTV applications however.


Apple preps 27-inch LED Cinema Display, dodeca-core Mac Pro

03/18/2010, 03:03 pm

Apple is putting the finishing touches on a pair of new products targeted at its professional customers, namely a larger version of its LED Cinema Display and a major update to its Mac Pro workstations, AppleInsider has been told.