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Apple's iPhone privacy ad campaign continues with new billboards

07/03/2019, 08:07 pm

Apple recently erected new billboard advertisements in Canada to promote what has become an intense focus on consumer data privacy, continuing a campaign launched at CES 2019 in January.


Apple issues second macOS Catalina, tvOS 13 public betas for testing

07/03/2019, 06:07 pm

Apple on Wednesday pushed out a second beta versions of its upcoming macOS Catalina and tvOS 13 operating systems, offering users a chance to test out the latest and greatest Mac and Apple TV features before they go live this fall.


Judge denies Qualcomm request to stay FTC antitrust ruling enforcement

07/03/2019, 04:07 pm

An attempt by Qualcomm to delay an antitrust ruling against the chip producer from being enforced has been shut down by District Judge Lucy Koh, at the same time as striking a variety of evidence from the record used by Qualcomm to state its case.


Laurene Powell Jobs joins Leonardo DiCaprio to form Earth Alliance

07/03/2019, 11:07 am

Laurene Powell Jobs, billionaire philanthropist and wife of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, is partnering with actor Leonardo DiCaprio and investor Brian Sheth for Earth Alliance, a philanthropic effort to help fight threats to the environment and to promote conservation.


HomePod 'Hey Siri' responses to AirPods ad prompts complaints

07/03/2019, 10:07 am

Apple device owners are complaining about the company's latest AirPods commercial, as a version of the ad spot triggers Siri in HomePods due to the actor saying the verbal prompt 'Hey Siri.'


Samsung reportedly completes Galaxy Fold redesign, release date still unknown

07/03/2019, 12:07 am

Samsung has reportedly finished a redesign of its Galaxy Fold smartphone following an ignominious pre-launch promotional campaign that saw pre-release review hardware fail in droves.


Corel, recent buyer of virtualization software firm Parallels, acquired by private equity firm KKR

07/02/2019, 11:07 pm

Longtime software maker Corel, which in December purchased popular cross-platform virtualization software maker Parallels, was itself recently acquired by private equity firm KKR, according to a report Tuesday.


Apple's latest transparency report includes government demands for App Store removals, redacted NSLs

07/02/2019, 10:07 pm

Apple on Tuesday published its transparency report for the six-month period ending in December 2018, revealing for the first time government requests to remove apps from the App Store and redacted national security letters dating back to 2016.


Apple joins over 200 businesses calling on Supreme Court to favor LGBT labor protections

07/02/2019, 02:07 pm

Apple has joined the ranks of over 200 corporations behind an amicus filing with the U.S. Supreme Court, calling on justices to find that existing sex discrimination laws protect LGBT workers as well.


Apple working on retractable bumpers for 'Project Titan' self-driving car

07/02/2019, 08:07 am

Apple's 'Project Titan' could have retractable bumpers on both ends of the vehicle, contracting away to make parking in confined spaces easier, but automatically extending outwards to protect the car while it is being driven in traffic.


Samsung expected to unveil Galaxy Note 10 at Unpacked event on Aug. 7

07/01/2019, 10:07 pm

Samsung on Monday invited press to attend an Unpacked media event in New York on Aug. 7, where the Korean tech giant is expected to unveil its next-generation Galaxy Note 10 phablet.


Lead Apple creative to depart go-to ad agency TBWA\Media Arts Lab

07/01/2019, 08:07 pm

TBWA\Media Arts Lab creative director Arnau Bosch Verges, who worked on Apple's award-winning "Welcome Home" commercial for HomePod, is leaving the ad agency to start a social media platform catering to musicians.


Apple sued over alleged infringement of PocketFinder GPS patents

07/01/2019, 07:07 pm

Apple is once again facing down a patent lawsuit over integral iPhone technology, as low power GPS specialist Location Based Technologies on Monday leveled claims that the tech giant infringes on a clutch of inventions used by the relatively popular PocketFinder series of products.


Apple CEO Tim Cook rips into 'absurd' Wall Street Journal report on Jony Ive's departure

07/01/2019, 05:07 pm

Apple CEO Tim Cook on Monday flatly refuted the a recent Wall Street Journal report detailing CDO Jony Ive's departure from the company, with the chief executive saying allegations, including claims that he is disinterested in design, are "absurd."


New Apple video ads sell App Store & iMessage security, recycling efforts

07/01/2019, 03:07 pm

Apple on Monday unloaded a burst of short "message" ads on YouTube, continuing its ongoing focus on user privacy and security.


Samsung Electronics CEO admits he launched the Galaxy Fold too early

07/01/2019, 02:07 pm

Samsung Electronics' CEO, D.J. Koh, has claimed responsibility for the premature launch of the Galaxy Fold, which is still awaiting a new release date.


Tim Cook marks Apple's attendance at San Francisco Pride Parade

07/01/2019, 12:07 pm

Apple CEO Tim Cook made an appearance at the annual San Francisco Pride Parade on Sunday, joining Apple employees in marching through the city, recognizing and celebrating the LGBTQ community and connected good causes.


Ireland invests Apple's collected back taxes in low-risk bonds

07/01/2019, 12:07 pm

As a way of keeping up value pending appeals, the Irish government has reportedly invested the back taxes the European Commission ordered it to collect from Apple into low-risk securities.


Power outage may have ruined 15 exabytes of WD and Toshiba flash storage

07/01/2019, 10:07 am

The cost of flash memory could rise and impact the cost of production for the Mac Pro and other hardware in the future, as memory producer Western Digital and Toshiba revealed a mid-June power outage temporarily lowered its production capacity, destroying 15 exabytes of storage.


The worst Apple designs by Jony Ive, according to the AppleInsider staff

06/30/2019, 06:06 pm

While he's often lauded, not everything Apple has cranked out under Jony Ive's design lead has been spectacular. We've been on the Apple beat nearly as long as Ive has, and we have some thoughts on the flops from Ive's design studio.