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Apple's 'Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet' to make appearance at PAX South this week

01/13/2020, 08:01 pm

Apple will promote its upcoming Apple TV+ comedy series "Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet" at the PAX South gaming expo in Texas on Friday, potentially signaling an early screening of the show ahead of an official debut slated for early February.


Apple introduces 'Reality Converter' app to view, edit USDZ 3D objects on Mac

01/13/2020, 06:01 pm

Apple on Monday debuted a beta version of Reality Converter, a Mac app that allows developers to convert, view and customize USDZ 3D objects using a simple drag-and-drop interface.


Attorney General Barr demands Apple unlock iPhones in Pensacola shooting

01/13/2020, 03:01 pm

US Attorney General William Barr has publicly asked Apple to unlock a pair of iPhones used by the gunman who killed three people in Pensacola, Florida in December, complaining Apple has so far provided no "substantive assistance" to the investigation.


'Guardians of the Galaxy' star Dave Bautista to join Apple TV+ 'See'

01/13/2020, 01:01 pm

Former WWE wrestler and "Guardian of the Galaxy" star Dave Bautista will join Apple's "See" in its second season.


Samsung skips from Galaxy S10 to 'S20' for upcoming refresh

01/13/2020, 09:01 am

The next model in Samsung's Galaxy S product line will feature a quad-camera array, but apparently won't have the name "S11," as leaked images of the smartphone show Samsung is skipping a number of generations by going for the name "Galaxy S20."


Billy Crudup earns Apple TV+ first award win for 'The Morning Show'

01/13/2020, 06:01 am

Billy Crudup has been named best supporting actor at the Critics Choice Awards for his role in "The Morning Show" on Apple TV+, winning the service its first award.


Recycling robot 'Daisy' part of Apple's effort to end mining for resources

01/11/2020, 01:01 pm

Apple's efforts to improve its recycling has an end goal of becoming a "closed-loop" manufacturer in the future, an extremely difficult goal to accomplish, and one that would end the need to mine for new materials if achieved by the iPhone maker.


Apple initiates Smart Battery Case replacement program for iPhone XS, XS Max, XR

01/10/2020, 06:01 pm

Apple on Friday activated a service program to replace faulty Smart Battery Cases designed for iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, noting certain units may not operate as expected.


Apple's Mac mini is the little Mac that could, 15 years later

01/10/2020, 03:01 pm

It's always been a fan favorite, but 15 years to the day after Steve Jobs announced it, the Mac mini has been through more ups and downs than any other Mac.


Update Firefox now, because the Department of Homeland Security is telling you to

01/10/2020, 10:01 am

A recent release of Firefox had a bug severe enough, that the US government is telling everyone to update to guarantee online safety.


Build a working Apple I with the new SmartyKit

01/10/2020, 09:01 am

The new do-it-yourself package by SmartyKit gives you all the pieces you need to build the Apple I with no soldering required.


The five worst products at the 2020 CES expo

01/10/2020, 07:01 am

Not every bit of tech brought to CES is going to be a winner. After five days of patrolling the floor and watching presentations, here are our choices for the five worst products from CES 2020.


Apple is now collecting donations to help with Australia's bushfires

01/10/2020, 06:01 am

Following the company's own commitment to helping out with the fire relief efforts, Apple is now accepting donations from users that it is passing directly on to the relevant bodies.


Masimo sues Apple over Apple Watch patents, alleged theft of trade secrets

01/09/2020, 06:01 pm

Medical technology company Masimo on Thursday filed a legal complaint claiming Apple infringes on 10 owned patents with its Apple Watch device, and stole vital trade secrets through the hiring of key personnel.


Future Apple Pencil may feature full touch-sensitive controls

01/09/2020, 11:01 am

Alongside the existing double-tap feature, Apple Pencil may gain the ability to recognize gestures such as swiping, via a more comprehensive touch-sensitive control.


Apple sees double-digit iPhone sales growth in China

01/09/2020, 07:01 am

New figures estimate Apple's sales of iPhones in China grew 18.7% year over year, even though overall the region saw a decline in smartphone sales.


Tim Cook getting award for Apple's 40 years of investment in Ireland

01/09/2020, 06:01 am

During a visit with Ireland's prime minister, CEO Tim Cook will be given an award to mark four decades of Apple investing in the country.


Future iPhones may act as emergency beacons even without cell service

01/09/2020, 06:01 am

A new patent describes multiple ways in which an iPhone could use cell signals, wi-fi or even other nearby devices to get an emergency distress beacon out, plus ways of prolonging the battery until rescue arrives.


Apple Pay Express Transit users hit with unintended charges at New York City turnstiles

01/08/2020, 06:01 pm

A small number of subway riders in New York City this week complained of a bug in Metro Transit Authority (MTA) tap-and-go turnstiles that inadvertently activates the Apple Pay Express Transit feature on user iPhones, resulting in double billing.


CES 2020: Best of Monitors

01/08/2020, 11:01 am

Much of the CES 2020 showroom floor is dedicated to displays packing new technologies that could easily be connected to a Mac or MacBook. AppleInsider collects some of the announcements worth investigating.