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This week on AI: Fears for iPhone 8 & X numbers, cheaper 2018 iPhones, KRACK fix & more

Much of this week's news revolved around the iPhone 8 and X —in particular, fears that the 8 isn't selling as well as hoped, and that production won't meet demand for the X. Some potentially good news, though, was a rumor that next year's iPhones will be somewhat cheaper.

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Everything you need to know:

  • Apple may be slashing iPhone 8 production in half > >
  • Foxconn's first shipment of the iPhone X may have consisted of just 46,500 units > >
  • iPhone X production could improve in November, but the company might only have 2 to 3 million phones ready at launch > >
  • Next year's iPhones could be less expensive > >
  • For now, Apple is still on the hook for $439.7M to VirnetX > >
  • Upcoming Apple software releases will fix a serious WPA2 Wi-Fi vulnerability > >
  • Apple and GE teamed up in a major enterprise partnership > >

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A roundup of all of our hottest stories this week:

Rumor claims Apple cutting iPhone 8 production orders in half

First shipment of Apple's iPhone X limited to just 46,500 units

Apple to stockpile 2-3M iPhone X units prior to launch, component shortage eases in November

Rumor: Apple supply chain looking to cut iPhone X costs in 2018, reducing consumer prices

Apple on the hook for $439.7 million to VirnetX over FaceTime should appeals, patent invalidation fail

Apple confirms KRACK Wi-Fi WPA-2 attack vector patched in iOS, tvOS, watchOS, macOS betas

Apple, Predix team up for industrial gear control and monitoring, GE will standardize on iPhone and iPad

First look: Logi Circle 2 security camera with Apple HomeKit

Apple investigated purchase of medical clinic start-up, signals larger push into healthcare

Supply chain claims Apple's iPhone X part bottleneck woes will be resolved before Christmas

Apple adds several US airports to Apple Maps including Chicago's O'Hare

New video rumored to show close-up of Apple car's updated 'Project Titan' testbed

Apple Pay may be coming to Poland and the Netherlands later this year

LTE Series 3 Apple Watch cut off from networks in China, government concerns likely to blame

Opposition to Apple's Irish data center stages last-ditch appeal, hearing scheduled next week

Apple teases opening of Chicago's Michigan Avenue store, prepares 'Chicago Series' events

Tim Cook email claims Mac mini 'important part' of Apple's product matrix

CEO of Canada's Rogers sees 'anemic' demand for Apple's iPhone 8

Apple sued over 'Animoji' trademark, allegedly tried to buy IP rights prior to iPhone X debut

Senators demand Tim Cook explain VPN app removal in China, suggest Apple enables censorship

Key Apple & Foxconn executives to meet amid iPhone X production woes