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Topic: Apple TV

Apple TV update adds new channels from PBS & Yahoo Screen

11/19/2013, 10:11 am

Content options on the Apple TV set-top box grew once again on Tuesday, as Apple added new channels for Yahoo Screen, as well as America's Public Broadcasting Service.


Slowdown in Apple TV shipments suggests full-size television delayed to 2015

11/12/2013, 06:11 pm

Apple is expected to launch a refreshed Apple TV with an A7 processor in 2014, says one analyst, but major hardware additions like an "iTV" television set won't come until the end of 2015 or early 2016 at the earliest.


Rumor: Apple television plans 'on hold,' company concentrating on wearable devices

11/11/2013, 11:11 am

Apple's plans for a full-fledged television set have been placed "on hold" as the company plans to potentially launch new, wearable electronics, such as a the anticipated "iWatch," according to a new report.


Amazon's anticipated Apple TV competitor not expected to launch until 2014

10/29/2013, 03:10 pm

Amazon is still said to be working on a competitor to the Apple TV with its own set-top box, but such a device isn't expected to be out before Christmas, with the retailer reportedly eyeing a spring 2014 launch for the rumored device.


Apple releases Apple TV update 6.0.1 with minor tweaks

10/24/2013, 04:10 pm

Continuing its week of updates, Apple on Thursday released a new Apple TV software update, bringing the set-top streamer's firmware up to version 6.0.1.


Apple TVs get iMovie Theater support in latest update

10/22/2013, 09:10 pm

Following Apple's announcement that its new iMovie apps for OS X and iOS would support a new sharing feature called iMovie Theater, the company activated an Apple TV channel dedicated to the service.


Rumor: Apple will not debut 'new-style' Apple TV at Tuesday event

10/21/2013, 02:10 am

After sparking rumors of an all-new Apple TV last month, TechCrunch columnist and Google Ventures partner MG Siegler on Sunday said setbacks will see the device's launch pushed back beyond next week's planned special event.


Apple inventory snapshot suggests new MacBook Pros imminent, non-Retina iPad mini may live on

10/19/2013, 05:10 pm

A near last minute snapshot of Apple's indirect channel inventory ahead of Tuesday's media event supports expectations of new Retina MacBook Pros, 9.7-inch fifth-gen iPads, and a redesigned Mac Pro, but shows surprisingly large stock of Apple TV and the most popular iPad minis.


Rumor: Amazon's French and German sites suggest new Apple TV coming Oct. 23

10/18/2013, 05:10 am

Amazon's online storefronts in France and Germany on Thursday showed sudden unavailability of the current generation Apple TV, instead noting the device will be "available from Oct. 23," hinting that a revamped version of the set-top streamer may soon be released.


Unable to catch Apple TV, Google TV said to rebrand under Android soon

10/10/2013, 10:10 pm

Adoption of the Google TV platform trails Apple's Apple TV device by a wide margin, and now the search company may be ready to rebrand its television offerings under the Android name in an effort to spark consumer interest.


Amazon preparing Apple TV competitor to launch in coming months - report

10/03/2013, 03:10 pm

Online retailing giant Amazon is putting the finishing touches on a set-top box that may be on the company's virtual shelves in time for Christmas, according to a new report.


Netflix opens Super HD streaming to Apple TV, other devices

09/26/2013, 07:09 pm

Netflix bumped up the quality of its HD movie and television streaming service on Thursday, expanding Super HD support for all devices, including the Apple TV set-top box.


Latest over-the-air update adds Major League Soccer to Apple TV

09/26/2013, 11:09 am

An Apple TV content update supplied on Thursday has added video from Major League Soccer, as well as the Disney Junior channel.


New Apple TV 'tap-to-setup' may be first public deployment of iBeacons

09/25/2013, 05:09 pm

Apple on Tuesday detailed a new process for configuring a third generation Apple TV by tapping it with an iOS 7 device, a procedure that may be the first public deployment of the company's new iBeacons communications standard.


Apple TV software returns one day after being pulled

09/23/2013, 08:09 pm

Apple on Monday released a new version of its Apple TV software after the previous update was pulled due to technical issues that would find some users left with an inoperable device.


Apple TV version 6.0 adds iTunes Radio, iCloud AirPlay support

09/20/2013, 02:09 pm

Apple released its anticipated software update to Apple TV today, adding support for iTunes Radio and AirPlaying content from iCloud — like music from iTunes Match — to another person's Apple TV.


Apple rumored to release new Apple TV product in coming weeks

09/11/2013, 04:09 pm

Coming on the heels of news that Apple is possibly looking to release new Apple TV software on Sept. 18 alongside the iOS 7 launch, fresh rumors are pointing to a hardware upgrade that could come as soon as October.


Overhauled Apple TV software with enhanced AirPlay coming Sept. 18

09/11/2013, 07:09 am

Along with releasing iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Apple next week will update its set-top box, the Apple TV, with new software that will offer enhanced AirPlay capabilities.


Sony takes on Apple TV with game-playing PS Vita TV

09/09/2013, 05:09 pm

Sony on Monday announced a new addition to its PlayStation Vita ecosystem in a surprising new form factor: a game-playing set-top box for televisions that will take on Apple's own Apple TV device.


New Apple TV not expected to debut at iPhone event, software updates coming instead

09/06/2013, 06:09 pm

Contrary to recent rumors and speculation, Apple will not be introducing a new Apple TV set top box at its media event next week, says one report, but will instead continue to upgrade the current model's software with additional channels, content and functionality.