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Topic: iPhone 6

Apple experiencing battery issues in development of next iPhone - rumor

06/28/2012, 08:06 am

One of Apple's key suppliers may be having trouble providing batteries for the next iPhone that are up to standards, according to a new rumor.


Airline tech chief expects 2012 iPhone with NFC to dominate e-tickets

06/25/2012, 08:06 am

Apple's Passbook application in iOS 6 will likely be enhanced with digital wallet and ticketing services thanks to a near-field communications chip in the company's next-generation iPhone, according to an executive with an airline information technology company.


China Mobile support likely to make Apple's next iPhone a 'true world phone'

06/21/2012, 09:06 am

Apple's next-generation iPhone is expected to launch in October with support for China Mobile's proprietary 3G network, making it a "true world phone," according to a new report.


Apple reportedly adopting 19-pin dock connector for 2012 iPhone

06/20/2012, 08:06 pm

Multiple manufacturers have independently indicated that Apple is planning to shrink its 30-pin dock connector to a 19-pin port in the next iPhone, according to a new report.


Developers at WWDC not worried about iPhone, iPad screen size changes

06/18/2012, 07:06 am

If Apple does release a larger iPhone and smaller iPad, developers who attended the Worldwide Developers Conference last week said they're not too concerned the changes would be a significant hassle for them.


Qualcomm gearing up to produce 4G LTE chips for Apple's next iPhone

06/15/2012, 08:06 am

Chipmakers are preparing for production of Apple's sixth-generation iPhone, including Qualcomm, which is said to be providing high-speed 4G long-term evolution chips produced using a 28-nanometer process.


Rendered photos depict assembled next-gen iPhone [u]

06/13/2012, 01:06 am

A set of rendered photos depict a what fully-assembled version of Apple's 2012 iPhone may look like, based on previously leaked components [updated].


Wall Street expects iOS 6 to increase Apple's smartphone market share

06/12/2012, 08:06 am

Apple's 2012 Worldwide Developers Conference Keynote was met positively by analyst on Wall Street, who expect this year's iOS 6 upgrade to further establish the iPhone as the leading device in the smartphone market.


iOS 6 GM expected in early September ahead of new iPhone

06/11/2012, 12:06 am

Apple will likely unveil the iOS 6 Golden Master in September early enough to release the next-generation iPhone that same month and generate "significant" sales of the device in the third quarter of calendar 2012, according to one insider.


iPhone 4S drawdown ahead of Apple's next model is smaller than expected

06/08/2012, 08:06 am

Suppliers are said to be less concerned about Apple's expected decrease in production of the iPhone 4S ahead of a new iPhone model, as sales of the 2011 smartphone remain strong.


Video shows purported next-gen iPhone 'uni-body' backplate in detail

06/07/2012, 02:06 am

A new video has surfaced of the alleged next-generation iPhone, featuring a side-by-side comparison of an iPhone 4S and a backplate identical to a part seen in previously leaked photos.


26% larger 16:9 iPhone screen would retain single-hand operability

06/06/2012, 03:06 pm

By making a new iPhone with a taller, 4.08-inch screen, Apple could offer users the benefits of a larger 16-to-9 display while also retaining the ability to operate the device while holding it with just one hand.


Apple's next iPhone may sport HD-capable front camera, be just 7.9mm thick

06/06/2012, 03:06 am

Apple's sixth-generation iPhone could include a front-facing camera capable of HD resolution, according to a new reported from a trusted analyst insider.


Insiders say Apple upgrading next-gen iPhone display to 4" with 16:9 ratio

06/06/2012, 02:06 am

Apple is likely to increase the size of the display on its next iPhone to 4.08 inches, with a resolution of 1,136 x 640 pixels and a ratio of 16:9, according to one analyst with a strong track record.


'Exciting' Sept. could see Apple intro new iPhone, iPad 'mini'

06/04/2012, 07:06 am

Apple is gearing up for what is expected to be an "exciting" September, where the company could launch both its next-generation iPhone, as well as smaller iPad, according to people in the Taiwanese supply chain.


Video shows taller front panel allegedly for Apple's next iPhone

05/31/2012, 03:05 pm

A new video purports to show the front panel of Apple's next-generation iPhone, with space for a screen length appreciably greater than previous-generation models.


Design schematic claims to show front panel of Apple's next iPhone

05/30/2012, 07:05 am

A picture purporting to show the design schematic for Apple's next-generation iPhone lends even more support to rumors that the device will be slightly taller with a larger display.


Alleged next-gen iPhone part shows aluminum back, smaller dock connector

05/29/2012, 11:05 am

Pictures claiming to show the back panel of an unreleased iPhone suggest Apple's next-generation handset could feature an aluminum back, a new, smaller dock connector, and a relocated headphone jack.


Samsung Galaxy S III launches in Europe to take on Apple's iPhone 4S

05/29/2012, 09:05 am

Samsung on Tuesday launched its flagship Galaxy S III smartphone in 28 countries across Europe and the Middle East, where it will compete head-to-head with Apple's iPhone 4S.


Apple's next iPhone expected to consume 70% of high-res LTPS screen supply

05/29/2012, 08:05 am

Supply of low-temperature poly-silicon touchscreens for non-Apple vendors is expected to be tight in 2012 and 2013, as the next iPhone could consume as much as 70 percent of capacity.