Want one of Apple's new Mac Pros now? Best Buy says it has a few in stock [u]

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While Apple's new American-mac Mac Pro desktop is backordered on the company's retail store until at least February, one of its brick-and-mortar retail partners says it currently shipping out a limited supply of both standard retail configurations. [Update: all have sold out]

Best Buy tells AppleInsider that it's able to ship out the following two retail configurations from its online store in one business day, while supplies last. Alternatively, the electronics retailer will ship the Mac to your local Best Buy retail store for on-site pickup within 5-7 business days:

Mac Pro QC 3.7GHz/12GB/256_SSD/D300 - $2,999.99 SOLD OUT

Mac Pro 6C 3.5GHz/16GB/256_SSD/D500 - $3,999.99 SOLD OUT

The current availability of the Mac Pro at Best Buy is rare given that the desktops are backordered everywhere else — including Apple's own online store — until at least February. There have also been recent reports indicating that the Mac maker won't have enough supply to stock its own retail stores until March, which is around the same time it's also quoting for new custom configured versions of the professional desktop.

First previewed in June, the new Mac Pro (hands-on) sports a radical new 9.9-inch by 6.6-inch cylindrical design that's crammed with state-of-the-art hardware technology.

Available in nearly 200 configurations, the new Mac Pro has also been touted for its environmental efficiency and domestic pedigree, with assembly taking place exclusively in Apple's newly-equipped Austin, Tex. manufacturing facility. And a recent in-depth analysis by AppleInsider found that despite its seemingly steep price tag, the new Mac Pro actually provides exceptional value that's much greater than the sum of its parts.

Meanwhile, teardowns of some of the first units to roll off the assembly lines found the units to be easily disassembled, offering great potential for repairs and upgrades. In particular, one teardown revealed socketed, removable Intel CPU that appears as if it could also be easy for users to upgrade on their own.

For a list of some of the other most popular Mac Pro configurations that are currently available for pre-order, check out our Apple Price Guides.


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