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AppleInsider podcast discusses Apple's $700B market cap, Tim Cook at Goldman Sachs, MacBook Air refresh & Apple TV

This week's all-new AppleInsider podcast is now available to download and subscribe in iTunes or SoundCloud, with detailed analysis of this week's news, including Apple's record $700 billion market cap, $850 million investment in solar energy, MacBook Air refresh, Apple TV and the new Phorm iPad accessory.

This week, AppleInsider staff member members Neil Hughes, Victor Marks and Stephen Robles discuss the top stories:

  • Apple's record market cap

  • $850 million solar power investment

  • MacBook Air refresh

  • iOS 8.3, Swift and CarPlay

  • Apple TV updates

  • Cable companies

  • Phorm iPad Mini accessory

  • The show is available on Apple's iTunes. You can listen to the podcast and subscribe via this link:

    You can also listen to it embedded via SoundCloud below:

    Show note links:

  • Apple shares close at an all time high

  • $850 million investment in solar farm

  • Tim Cook speaks at Goldman Sachs

  • Aerial tour of Apple's new spaceship campus

  • Early 2015 MacBook Air refresh

  • iOS 8.3 wireless CarPlay

  • iOS 8.3 beta and Swift 1.2

  • Dish's Sling TV

  • Phorm for iPad Mini

  • Hosts: @thisisneil, @vmarks and @stephenrobles

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