AppleInsider podcast talks 'iPhone 8' ship date, Apple Watch, and HomeKit

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This week on the AppleInsider podcast, Neil and Victor talk conflicting rumors around the "iPhone 8" ship date, the company's rising stock price, and some of the interesting things happening in HomeKit.

AppleInsider editors Neil Hughes and Victor Marks discuss:

  • "iPhone 8" — is it in production now, shipping September, in production in September AND shipping in September, or shipping in November or later? Conflicting reports all within the same few days.
  • Still no clarity on what's going on with the back of the phone. One report says it's still not decided.
  • HomePod firmware suggests the "iPhone 8" facial recognition features will have hooks into Apple Pay, multiple biometric authentication, and be open to third parties.
  • There's a report that suggests that the phone can recognize when its owner is looking at it and silence notifications accordingly. If you're looking at it, you don't need it to play noise.
  • Colors could include a copper device. We have seen physical mockups shown, as well as video.
  • The separate function area display in the rumored device appears to be resizable, but it doesn't look like third party developers will be able to hide it except for video playing.
  • Ikea Tradfi lightbulbs updated to enable HomeKit via firmware update. This is the first time this has happened. Chamberlain releases their HomeKit compatible MyQ HomeBridge, which is a separate product instead of an upgrade to an existing one. If you want a HomeKit garage door opener, you need MyQ Garage from last year AND MyQ HomeBridge.
  • Apple's share price reaches $160, beating previous high point.
  • How Apple's R&D spend compares to other large tech companies. The comparisons aren't perfect, but it appears that Apple spends less on R&D and gets more for the money, if you think about it in terms of R&D spend versus revenue.
  • 25 percent of Microsoft Surface owners report problems with Surface after 2 years of use. Consumer Reports surveyed 90,741 people and found that 22,685 reported reliability problems.
  • 'Apple Watch 3' is rumored to get LTE connectivity. Some people think this is a non-starter, we see it as a leap forward for the watch.
  • 'Apple Watch 3' is also rumored to get a new form factor. Victor thinks this is a good thing that will go a long way to prevent confusion about which model the consumer has.
  • Review: Neil talks about the Kanex GoPlay Sidekick portable iOS game controller
  • Review: Victor talks about his experiences with the Kwikset Premis HomeKit deadbolt
  • Unreal Engine updated to support ARKit. The key phrase this week is, "laying the groundwork for the future"
  • Victor's first experiences with Wireless CarPlay and the Alpine ILX-107 (which we last saw at CES in January).

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