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Revealed: Here's what Apple's new 'iPhone 12' lineup looks like

The presumed 2020 iPhone lineup

As the launch of the "iPhone 12" inches closer, AppleInsider got its hands on dummy units of Apple's upcoming phones which finally reveal how these new devices will look and feel.

While the most recent rumors point to the "iPhone 12" coming in four sizes, we got our hands on dummies of three. We have the "iPhone 12" which measures 5.4 inches, the "iPhone 12 Pro" at 6.1 inches, and the "iPhone 12 Pro Max" at 6.7 inches. Missing is the rumored 6.1-inch "iPhone 12 Max," which will be a new addition to the lineup.

As those two phones are the same size, we still get a good look at all the sizes the "iPhone 12" line will offer.

"iPhone 12" model accuracy

These dummy models that we are showing are sourced similarly to the iPhone 11 dummies that AppleInsider showed ahead of the iPhone 11 launch.

They are based on leaked schematics that case manufacturers utilize to create cases ahead of the official announcement. We talked about these schematics previously in our "iPhone 12" rumor roundup.

The camera bump may look different
The camera bump may look different

Schematics only give us so much information, however. Mainly, just the parts that case manufacturers care about. That means the layout and size of the notch may not be accurate. And, case companies only care about the dimensions of the bump, but not what is contained in the bump.

That's why even though we've heard rumors of LiDAR coming to "iPhone 12 Pro," these dummies only have the same three camera modules as the iPhone 11 line.

The 2020 iPhones are keeping Lightning
The 2020 iPhones are keeping Lightning

We can discern some information from the outside, though, such as the location of the SIM card tray, size of external buttons, and retention of the Lightning port.

"iPhone 12" versus iPhone 11

Recent rumors point to the new iPhone coming in those two sizes mentioned above. This gives users a choice for the entry-level handset to come in at 5.4 inches or 6.1 inches depending if they choose the regular "iPhone 12" or the "iPhone 12 Max".

iPhone 11 (right) versus iPhone 12
"iPhone 12" versus iPhone 11

The 2019 iPhone 11 measured in at 6.1 inches, making the 5.4-inch entirely new.

iPhone 11 (right) versus iPhone 12 Max
"iPhone 12 Max" versus iPhone 11

Because the "iPhone 12 Max" and iPhone 11 are the same sizes, they don't look much different at all other than the new flat sides. Because of the sides, the "iPhone 12 Max" feels smaller in hand.

"iPhone 12 Pro" versus iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro
"iPhone 12 Pro" and iPhone 11 Pro

For 2020, the "iPhone 12 Pro" is increasing from 5.8-inches to 6.1-inches. Physically, the phones have a near-identical footprint. As you will see in a moment, this theme follows for the Max phone as well.

Otherwise, these phones look very similar other than the new flat sides.

iPhone 11 Pro Max versus "iPhone 12 Pro Max"

The new iPhone 12 Pro Max against iPhone 11 Pro Max (right)
The new "iPhone 12 Pro Max" against iPhone 11 Pro Max (right)

That leaves the largest in the bunch. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is near identical in size to the presumed "iPhone 12 Pro Max," except the screen is going from 6.5 inches to 6.7 inches thanks to the reduced bezels. When holding them both, the 2020 variant feels smaller.

Mystery port on iPhone 12 Pro Max
Mystery port on "iPhone 12 Pro Max"

We also see a new mystery port on the right side of the new Max-sized phone. It is long and thin and looks similar to the "Magnetic Connector" on the side of the iPad Pro used to charge Apple Pencil.

We don't think Apple Pencil is coming to iPhone, but it could be some other form of charging or something else altogether.

"iPhone 12" versus the original iPhone SE

One of the more surprising compares for the iPhone lineup is the smallest 5.4-inch unit. This compares quite favorably with the beloved original iPhone SE that sported a 4-inch display.

iPhone 12 and iPhone SE
"iPhone 12" and iPhone SE

Side-by-side, the footprint of the "iPhone 12" versus the original iPhone SE are not all that different. The newer unit is slightly wider and taller, but still very close.

It appears that Apple hasn't completely ignored users who wanted a smaller iPhone like that original iPhone SE. Still, it seems Apple has grander plans — launching a similar size as part of the new "iPhone 12" lineup. This 5.4-inch "iPhone 12" will come with all the latest specs but much closer in size to the original iPhone SE.

Compared to the SE, users get a huge increase in screen size as well as the addition of Face ID. Compared to the 2020 iPhone SE, users still get Face ID over the Home button, and they get the ultra-wide camera module.

When will the "iPhone 12" release?

There have been countless rumors regarding the "iPhone 12" timeline. Some are saying a traditional September launch is possible while others point to significant delays.

iPhone 12 colors
iPhone 12 colors

Time will tell, which ends up being more accurate and how accurate these schematic dummy models end up being. Either way, it is intriguing to see months of rumors come together in these excellent physical representations.