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iOS 18 AI boost could be called 'Apple Intelligence'

Apple's AI changes will probably arrive with the iPhone 16.

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Apple's name for its big AI push at WWDC could be quite simple, with it reportedly called "Apple Intelligence."

Apple is widely thought to be making more of an effort to introduce AI into customer lives. Monday's WWDC could end up being the first real opportunity for Apple to demonstrate what is coming to users in the future, possibly this fall.

As part of the ongoing AI frenzy, Bloomberg reported on Friday that Apple will be deeply integrating AI into its main apps and OS features. It will do so while maintaining privacy and security for user data.

The name of the initiative is the oddly highly marketable "Apple Intelligence," the report claims. The name is simple and doesn't specifically mention AI as part of it, but the two-word phrase does use the acronym "AI."

Apple Intelligence will be made available on its main platforms, including new versions of iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, a person "familiar with the plans" told the publication.

Most of Friday's report repeats Apple's artificial intelligence efforts that we exclusively reported on. There are a few interesting tidbits repeated, though.

The reported agreement with OpenAI may result in a chatbot that works in a similar style to ChatGPT, the report adds.

AI will apparently take up half the keynote presentation, and will cover a wide array of elements.

Apple's AI introduction will supposedly focus more on features with a broad appeal than on flashier elements, such as image or video generation. It will all be powered using Apple's technology and tools from OpenAI.

Both on-device and cloud-based processing will be employed, depending on how tough the task at hand is. That will be decided by a new algorithm, with added security included in its cloud operations.

Summarization will be the main benefit to users, especially in the Safari browser. Meeting note, AI transcribing, and conversational summaries will be on the way, it's claimed, along with reply suggestions.

Updates to reminders and notifications are also apparently on the way.

Siri, a core part of Apple's intelligent interactions, will be revamped with the use of large language models. More precise control of apps using Siri is apparently planned, though they may not arrive until 2025.

AI will also be included in the Photos app, adding more capabilities to the tool. This includes editing images with enhancements, or to remove unwanted elements using generative AI.

Developers also stand to benefit from the AI gold rush, with Xcode expected to include features to help programmers code automatically.

Away from AI, Apple is anticipated to include an updated interface to the Control Center and Settings app. More text effects in iMessage could be on the way too, along with a new passwords app, new audio enhancements, and more navigation options in Freeform.