2020 MacBook Pro

2020 MacBook Pro

Apple regularly makes changes to its lineup of Macs and MacBooks, upgrading important components at the same time as introducing refinements to designs. While it is unclear what will actually launch and when, rumors have already started to surface about what to expect from the 2020 MacBook Pro lineup.

5Ghz Intel Processor
14-inch model with reduced bezels
5G connectivity
Mini LED display

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The 2020 MacBook Pro models will be updated as such that they stay at the top of the list of potential purchases for those looking to acquire a notebook. These changes can range from specification bumps to refinements of the design, to even the introduction of new features and functionality. 

Like other elements of the Apple ecosystem, it too is subject to rumors and speculation.

2020 MacBook Pro Rumored Features


Continuing the ongoing trend for other Macs, Apple is almost certainly going to be using Intel processors of some description to power its next generation of MacBook Pro models. 

Intel processor The 2020 MacBook Pro will likely have an Intel processor

In January, Intel revealed at CES it was planning 10th-generation mobile-capable processors that could outpace the current 5GHz flagship model already in use by Apple for the 16-inch MacBook Pro

The teased processor will be a Core i7 H-series model, the same series used by Apple for the mobile Macs, but aside from a post-5GHz clock speed, no other details have been offered. 

The current H-series consists of high clock-speed chips in the 2GHz range, boostable to the 4GHz range, and even up to 5GHz. The quad-, hexa-, and octa-core chips are designed with a TDP of 45, which means they can run relatively cool with a moderate amount of cooling required. 

Scissor Switches in 13-inch model (released)

Apple released the 13-inch MacBook Pro with scissor-switch keyboard in May 2020. The following rumors lead up to the current MacBook Pro refresh.

In November, Apple introduced the 16-inch MacBook Pro, which includes a refreshed keyboard mechanism replacing the third-generation butterfly that received criticism relating to its reliability. Borrowing from the Magic Keyboard, the mechanism is a scissor-switch style instead of another butterfly type. 

The latest MacBooks have the Magic Keyboard The 2020 MacBook Pro keyboard will have the new scissor-switch mechanism

The new mechanism offers further travel of approximately 1 millimeter, against the old version's 0.6 to 0.7-millimeter travel, as well as a quieter typing experience. The key stability, as well as the construction being less likely to be hampered by debris, stands to make the keys more reliable than in previous incarnations, though time will tell. 

The warm reception of the keys led to one rumor in November claiming it would be included in an updated 13-inch MacBook Pro, citing "industry sources." 

A far earlier prediction arrived in October, where analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed the 16-inch MacBook Pro's keyboard upgrade would be followed by its adoption in other models, including the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

A patent revealed that Apple might be planning to include True Tone in its keyboard backlighting, thus adjusting the brightness and tones according to the room's light temperature.

5G Connectivity

The influx of 5G devices is largely expected to include the iPhone 12 this fall, but a report from August last year pointed towards Apple's potential use of 5G modems in the MacBook Pro lineup.

While support in the iPad lineup is largely expected, due to their existing cellular connectivity options, it seems unlikely to be included in the updated MacBook Pro. As the high-band mmWave portion of 5G can be easily blocked by aluminum — or even plastic — it's improbable that a MacBook Pro would offer the high-speed element of 5G at all. 

Apple has also been rumored to be including LTE on a Mac for close to a decade, and so far none of those rumors have come to fruition. It makes a sudden turnaround for 5G fairly doubtful. 


Apple has invested in a variety of different technologies it could use in future products for some time, including elements like MicroLED and other display creation techniques. 

In the case of a December prediction from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple could include Mini LED as a display technology for the notebook.

A pair of MacBook Pro displays using non-MiniLED technology A pair of MacBook Pro displays using non-Mini LED technology

Sourced from LG Display, with components from GIS, Osram, TSMT, Sharp, Nichia, and Sanan, the shift in technology will allow Apple to shift away from relying on Samsung Display for its OLED usage. In December, reports proposed Zhen Ding Technology, Epistar, and Flexium Interconnect were onboard for a Mini LED iPad Pro, which if true would lend some feasibility to the new display using similar components and techniques. 

Mini LED is, as the name suggests, the use of miniature LEDs to create the individual pixels of a display, similar to how large screens in a stadium are made, except in miniature. As they are self-illuminating, Mini LED stands to offer many of the contrast and quality benefits of OLED, but without the production issues or potential for burn-in. 

Renowned analyst Ming Chi Kuo has released a report suggesting a new screen size is coming to the MacBook Pro. A 14.1-inch screen would make sense for the product and fits in with the same size increase of the 16-inch MacBook Pro. Another rumor suggests the updated laptop could arrive in May.

A new report from Kuo suggests the Mini LED displays will not be ready to ship until 2021, which could push the updates back for the rumored 2020 MacBook Pro line.

2020 MacBook Pro Pricing

Expect a refreshed 16-inch MacBook Pro and a new 14-inch MacBook Pro to have similar if not exactly the same prices, despite changes in technology. It is unknown if the cost of new technologies like Micro LED will impact the profit margins enough for Apple to adjust the price.

Until the 2020 MacBook Pro refresh happens, you can get the current 16-inch MacBook Pro starting at $2,399 and the 13-inch MacBook Pro starting at $1,299. Check out AppleInsider's Price Guides for more information about the latest Mac deals.


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