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Topic: Apple-1

Fully functional rare Apple-1 heads to auction on September 25

08/23/2018, 10:08 am

One of the rare surviving operational Apple-1 computers will be heading to auction in late September, with the working piece of computing history estimated to fetch as much as $400,000 when it goes on sale.


Latest Apple-1 auction fetches surprisingly low $355,500

06/20/2017, 05:06 pm

At a June 15 Christie's auction, a customized Apple-1 sold for $355,500 -- skewing toward the low end of house estimates, and below all other auctions for working Apple-1 computers.


Rare customized Apple-1 to go up for auction, could top $500,000 in bids

06/03/2017, 05:06 pm

An unusual Apple-1 will appear in a Christie's auction on June 15, special not just for being in working order, but for the customizations made by its initial owner.


Working Apple-1 sold at auction by original owner for $101K in Germany

05/21/2017, 04:05 pm

One of the last surviving Apple-1 computers in full working order has sold in Germany for a bid price of $101,325 -- far lower than expected for the collectible.


Rare functional Apple-1 hits auction block in May with $320,000 estimated price

03/14/2017, 01:03 pm

A vintage Apple-1 computer is going on sale via auction in May, with the rare computer and an archive of documents, including the manual and notes of phone calls with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, estimated to sell for up to $320,000.


Apple-1 'Celebration' motherboard auction pulls in $815K

08/25/2016, 04:08 pm

The motherboard believed to be amongst the first hand built prototypes for the Apple-1 fell short of million dollar estimates, but still reaped $815,000 with a portion going to charity.


Rare working Apple-1 originally sold by Steve Jobs auctioned off for $365K

12/11/2014, 06:12 pm

A vintage Apple-1 computer with documentation proving it was sold directly by late tech guru Steve Jobs for $600 in 1976 brought in $365,000 when the hammer fell at a New York auction on Thursday, falling short of estimates.