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Topic: developer

Removal of AppGratis signals start of Apple crackdown on App Store

04/10/2013, 09:04 am

The ouster of AppGratis from the App Store is reportedly the first in a coming crackdown on application discovery services in Apple's App Store that violate the company's rules.


Apple tweaks iOS developer portal with unified view for certificates, identifiers & devices

04/09/2013, 08:04 am

Apple this week revised its official developer website with a new, easier-to-manage unified view for managing certificates, identifiers, devices, and provisioning profiles.


Apple reportedly taking action against vendors selling iOS beta activations

07/08/2012, 11:07 pm

Apple has been proactive in taking down a number of websites that sell developer device slots to non-developers looking to activate iOS prerelease betas.


Developers reporting changes to Apple's App Store search algorithm

06/23/2012, 09:06 pm

Developers with apps published to Apple's iOS App Store are reporting that search results have changed drastically and may be a result of a change in the weighting of the number of downloads and "topic detection."


Apple posts WWDC 2012 Session Videos to developer site, iTunes U

06/19/2012, 09:06 pm

Apple on Tuesday released for members of its developer program the Session Videos from its Worldwide Developers Conference that took place earlier this month.


Apple posts guide for iOS development newcomers

02/17/2012, 09:02 pm

Apple has posted a new introductory guide for beginners looking to get started developing iOS apps.


Apple testing iTunes Match on Apple TV with iTunes 10.5.1 beta 2

11/02/2011, 09:11 pm

Apple on Wednesday issued iTunes 10.5.1 beta 2 to developers, adding support for iTunes Match on the Apple TV set-top box.


Developers experiencing activation issues with iOS 5.0.1 beta

11/02/2011, 08:11 pm

A number of developers have reported being unable to activate their devices with Apple's new iOS 5.0.1 beta, AppleInsider has learned.


iTunes Match beta reset on Thursday points to imminent launch

10/26/2011, 10:10 pm

Apple notified developers on Wednesday evening that it will reset iTunes Match beta accounts on Oct. 27th in order to improve the "overall quality and reliability" of the service ahead of its upcoming public launch.


Apple's iOS 5 Tech Talk World Tour 2011 coming to 9 cities worldwide

10/20/2011, 01:10 pm

Apple has confirmed that it will bring back its Tech Talk World tour this year, with the iOS 5-focused tutorials coming to nine cities between November and January.


Apple reopens iTunes Match beta to additional developers

09/10/2011, 09:09 pm

Apple has quietly opened up the beta for its iTunes Match service to a second batch of developers as the company readies it for launch this fall.


Apple cracking down on non-developer devices running iOS 5 - report

08/05/2011, 02:08 pm

Apple has reportedly begun closing the accounts of some developers who have inappropriately sold their account device slots, allowing them to profit from the installation iOS 5 on unauthorized non-developer iPhones and iPads.


Indie developer organizing against Lodsys, patent trolls with 'Operation Anthill'

08/01/2011, 08:08 pm

An independent developer has founded a coalition, codenamed "Operation Anthill," to help the iOS developer community fight back against legal threats from patent licensing companies like Lodsys.


Apple makes Xcode free to all with release of 4.1 on Mac App Store

07/20/2011, 03:07 pm

Apple on Wednesday updated Xcode to version 4.1, and reduced its price to free for anyone who has an Apple ID and access to the Mac App Store.


Developer frustrated that Apple grants Game Center support to pirated iOS apps

07/15/2011, 10:07 am

A game developer victimized by piracy via "jailbroken" iOS devices has expressed frustration that Apple's Game Center service is apparently fully functional for users who run stolen software.


Apple rumored to resurrect developer 'Tech Talk World Tour' for iOS 5

07/14/2011, 04:07 pm

Last held in 2009, the developer "Tech Talk World Tour" is rumored to make a comeback this year as Apple attempts to reach out developers with the launch of iOS 5.


Apple issues iOS 5 Beta 3 with Notifications, AirPlay mirroring fixes

07/11/2011, 01:07 pm

Apple on Monday issued iOS 5 beta 3 to developers, the latest pre-release build of its forthcoming mobile operating system update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


Apple hires iPhone jailbreak notification developer for iOS team at corporate HQ

06/03/2011, 03:06 pm

A software programmer who wrote a jailbreak application that would replace and improve upon Apple's own iPhone notification system has been hired by Apple, AppleInsider can confirm.


Federal grand jury investigating Android, iOS apps for privacy concerns

04/04/2011, 05:04 pm

A federal grand jury has served mobile developers, including music service Pandora, subpoenas as part of an investigation into the use of users' data in conjunction with ad networks.


iOS, iPad web use still outpacing all Android devices combined

04/04/2011, 04:04 am

A broad sample of millions of website visitors detailed by Google Analytics indicates that the entire Android ecosystem combined, while slightly ahead of Apple's iPhone 4, continues to be outpaced by Apple's iOS, largely due to the rapid growth of iPad. This mirrors additional data that underlines Apple's lead in both mobile browsing and app sales, refuting recent reports that claim Android is displacing iOS.