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Epic lawsuit continues, troublesome hires, and Detroit - This Week in Apple

The trial between Epic Games and Apple offered more revelations about the companies and the App Store in court, while the rest of the week centered around a controversial hiring, iPhone 13' rumors, and the Detroit Apple Developer Academy.

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Epic vs Apple continues and a problematic hiring

Entering another week, the continuing trial of the Epic Games and Apple lawsuit over the App Store trotted out more arguments and claims about the two companies in court. While the week ended, the trial did not, with it continuing into next week.

Of this week's revelations, it was discovered Apple declined to allow Microsoft to bypass the 30% App Store commission for Office on iPad. Meanwhile, Apple intended for the expert witness testimony from Microsoft to be struck over claims Xbox sales weren't really that profitable to Microsoft at all.

Another big story that erupted was the hiring of Facebook ads manager Antonio Garcia Martinez by Apple, a role that was briefly held as he was fired by Apple after other employees demanded an investigation into the "misogynistic" author. Martinez has since responded to the firing, confirming Apple let him go and claiming it was "well aware" of his works.

Elsewhere in the world of Apple, there's a rumor of "AirPods 3" arriving alongside the hi-fidelity "Apple Music HiFi" on May 18, some "iPhone 13" rumors, the FDA comments on the iPhone 12 MagSafe feature, and there's a new Tim Cook scholarship in Alabama.

Apple vs Epic

Hired and Fired

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