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Action button shown in new iPhone 15 Pro case leak

The Action button is on the side at the top, where the current mute switch is

A new video purporting to show cases for the iPhone 15 Pro also clearly shows how the old mute switch is replaced by an Action button.

This is not the first time that a leak concerning cases has shown an Action button, and rumors of the new control have been increasing since the Apple Watch Ultra introduced such a feature.

Following on from his own leak about colors for the regular iPhone 15 range, generally reliable leaker Sonny Dickson has shown off the iPhone 15 Pro in a new video.

Leaker Sonny Dickson's tweet on X/Twitter
Leaker Sonny Dickson's tweet on X/Twitter

The video is wordless and there is no description at all. So it's not clear whether the phone in the case is claimed to be an actual iPhone 15 Pro, or a mockup.

However, the casing is unmistakably clear about the Action button, which lies above the volume controls and in place of the old mute switch.

Back in October 2022, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that all controls — volume and mute — on the iPhone 15 Pro would switch from mechanical to solid state buttons. Later, Kuo reported that technical problems meant Apple had abandoned this idea.

However it's implemented, though, it's still expected that an Action button will appear on the forthcoming iPhone 15 Pro, including the ability to control the camera.

Apple will unveil its iPhone 15 range on September 12, 2023.