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Topic: lawsuit

Judge pares down Apple v. Samsung case exhibits, limits argument time

06/21/2012, 11:06 pm

Apple and Samsung are now limited to 125 exhibits and 25 hours of argument time each to present their respective cases in the California suit that is part of the two companies' ongoing worldwide patent struggle.


Taiwanese creditor seeks Proview liquidation at bankruptcy hearing

06/21/2012, 06:06 pm

Fubon Insurance on Wednesday argued in a Chinese high court to have debtor Proview Technology liquidated and if successful could bring an abrupt end to an ongoing iPad trademark suit being leveled against Apple.


Apple injunction against Motorola phones would be 'catastrophic,' judge says

06/20/2012, 08:06 pm

A U.S. judge was unimpressed with arguments made by Apple at a Wednesday hearing meant to explain why injunctive relief is a suitable course of action against Motorola in the company's ongoing patent case with the Droid maker.


Galaxy Tab injunction looms as court denies Samsung rehearing petition

06/19/2012, 06:06 pm

Apple's bid to temporarily ban U.S. sales of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 moved one step closer to being granted on Tuesday as the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit denied a request from the South Korean electronics giant to rehear the case.


Chinese court to delay 'iPad' trademark ruling until mediation completes

06/14/2012, 06:06 pm

A Chinese court will postpone a ruling for an Apple appeal of a previous decision that denied the company of the iPad name, saying that the iPhone maker must first finish court-sponsored talks with Proview Technology.


Apple given second chance at Motorola injunction

06/14/2012, 05:06 pm

Judge Richard Posner on Thursday decided to grant Apple an injunction hearing against Motorola, reversing his tentative ruling to reject the case last week.


Judge says Apple must defend against mobile tracking suit

06/13/2012, 05:06 pm

A U.S. district court judge ruled late Tuesday that plaintiffs can move forward with a case against Apple that claims the company inadvertently allowed ad networks to track devices and thus caused customers to overpay for their devices.


Samsung sues Australia's patent commissioner to hinder Apple patent case

06/08/2012, 06:06 pm

It was revealed on Friday that Samsung is suing Australia's patent commissioner on claims that the official didn't follow protocol when granting Apple certain standard patents, adding a twist to the ongoing dispute between the South Korean company and Apple.


Apple may file for temporary restraining order against Galaxy S III

06/07/2012, 06:06 pm

During a hearing involving Apple's suit against Samsung's Galaxy Nexus on Thursday an attorney for the iPhone maker said that a temporary restraining order against the South Korean company's Galaxy S III could be used to block sales of the device before it reaches U.S. shores.


Judge cancels Apple patent-infringement trial against Motorola

06/07/2012, 04:06 pm

Apple's patent-infringement case against Google's Motorola Mobility unit is dead in the water after a U.S. judge aborted the proceedings less than one week before the trial was set to start.


Apple seeks Samsung Galaxy S III injunction before US launch [u]

06/06/2012, 04:06 pm

Apple filed a motion late Tuesday to block U.S. sales of Samsung's new Galaxy S III smartphone, claiming that the handset should be included as part of another ongoing preliminary injunction case against the Galaxy Nexus.


ITC judge invokes 'Cheech and Chong' test in Apple-Samsung case

05/31/2012, 08:05 pm

An International Trade Commission judge said on Thursday that Apple's ongoing patent infringement case may come down to what he calls a "Cheech and Chong" test, alluding to a bit by the comedy duo that involved dog feces.


Apple denies e-book price fixing allegations in response filing

05/30/2012, 07:05 pm

A class-action lawsuit against Apple involving e-book price fixing moved a step forward on Tuesday as the Cupertino-based company filed an official response to accusations that it colluded with book publishers to artificially inflate the cost of products sold through the iBookstore.


Apple says DoJ lawsuit 'fundamentally flawed,' could harm consumers

05/23/2012, 06:05 pm

In a Tuesday court filing with the U.S. District Court in Manhattan, Apple claims that the Department of Justice's antitrust lawsuit regarding alleged e-book price fixing sends the wrong message to the market by retroactively questioning a 'perfectly proper' business strategy.


Samsung accuses Apple trial experts of 'slavish adoration,' seeks to invalidate testimony

05/21/2012, 08:05 pm

Court filings from the ongoing Apple v. Samsung patent dispute reveal that the South Korean company is seeking to exclude testimony from certain trial experts on claims that the witnesses are part of the 'cult-like' following sometimes associated with the iPad maker.


Apple again files for U.S. Galaxy Tab injunction after winning appeal

05/19/2012, 03:05 am

Following a recently won appeal from the federal court, Apple on Friday filed a motion for injunction against Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 which could see the tablet pulled from U.S. shelves as soon as early June.


Judge denies Apple, publishers' motion to dismiss e-book civil suit

05/15/2012, 06:05 pm

A federal judge on Tuesday denied petitions by both Apple and a group of five major publishing houses to dismiss a class-action lawsuit accusing the companies of collusion in e-book price fixing.


Court revives Apple bid for Galaxy Tab injunction, rejects smartphone ban

05/14/2012, 09:05 pm

A U.S. federal appeals court on Monday ruled that a California judge was wrong in denying Apple's request to block sales of Samsung's Galaxy Tab, but affirmed the trial judge's decision to deny the injunction of smartphones made by the South Korean electronics giant.


German court stays third Apple patent suit, more may follow

05/11/2012, 07:05 pm

Three German Apple lawsuits asserted against Samsung have been stayed in as many months, the most recent being a pinch-to-zoom utility model, and some expect more will follow as a result of the country's patent litigation system.


Proview iPad suit against Apple thrown out of California court

05/08/2012, 08:05 pm

A California judge has tossed out a trademark complaint brought against Apple by Proview Electronics Co. over the iPad name, however an identical case remains unsettled in China.