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Topic: Netflix

Legacy apps must comply with Apple's App Store subscription rules by June 30

02/15/2011, 11:02 am

Software currently available in the iOS App Store that does not comply with Apple's newly enforced in-app subscription rules, such as the Amazon Kindle or Hulu+ applications, have until June 30 to comply or they could be removed.


Netflix says Apple TVs streaming more of its movies than iPads

01/26/2011, 05:01 pm

Within Netflix earnings release, the company noted that Apple TV's support for its Watch Instantly video streaming has already passed up iPad users in viewing hours.


Apple's iTunes rental service believed to be 10% the size of Netflix

12/29/2010, 08:12 am

Though it is half as old as Netflix, Apple's iTunes rental service is believed to be about one-tenth the size of the competing rental service, one analyst has projected.


Brightcove adds support HTTP Live Streaming for Apple iOS devices

11/02/2010, 05:11 pm

Internet video host Brightcove, among the first to begin supporting iPhone-compatible H.264 video and HTML5, is now moving to support Apple's open HTTP Live Streaming format as well, hammering another nail into the coffin of Adobe Flash and Microsoft's Silverlight.


New Apple TV with Netflix streaming to be unveiled Wednesday - report

08/31/2010, 06:08 pm

The new Apple TV, complete with Netflix Instant Watch capabilities, is set to be introduced at Apple's media event Wednesday, according to a new report.


Netflix gauges user interest in iPhone movie streaming

03/02/2010, 03:03 pm

Movie rental house Netflix is still testing the waters on potentially streaming movies instantly to the iPhone or iPod touch, according to reports from users.


Report: Netflix streaming video headed to iPhone, Wii

08/03/2009, 07:08 pm

Citing an unnamed source described as "an industry executive familiar with Netflix’s plans," an industry trade journal is claiming that Netflix will soon offer its Watch Instantly streaming video service on the iPhone, iPod touch and the Nintendo Wii.


Netflix opens web movie streams to most Mac users

11/02/2008, 11:11 pm

Netflix has expanded the online component of its movie rental service to include any Intel Mac user who volunteers to join in a new public beta.


Google Earth lands for iPhone, Netflix testing Mac streaming

10/27/2008, 01:10 pm

Google on Monday launched a version of Google Earth as a native application for iPhone and iPod touch owners. Meanwhile, Netflix said it has begun testing its second-gen Generation Media Player, which will stream movies to Intel Macs.


Review: Netflix Player vs Apple TV

06/05/2008, 08:06 am

Roku's new dedicated box for streaming content from Netflix's Watch Instantly service offers a fairly large but somewhat eclectic variety of decent quality movies and TV programs at a very reasonable price, particularly for existing Netflix subscribers. While frequently pitted against Apple TV, the two products are actually more complementary than directly competitive. Here's how they stack up.


Roku's Netflix Player vs. Apple TV: unboxing and first impressions

05/31/2008, 01:05 pm

Netflix and Roku are stepping up to the plate with a media hub that promises a much less expensive way to watch movies online without a per-movie cost. In this preview ahead of our full review, we unpack the device and give our first impressions on how it stacks up to Apple's offering.


Netflix reveals $100 Apple TV competitor

05/20/2008, 01:05 pm

Making good on an earlier promise, movie subscription house Netflix on Tuesday introduced the Netflix Player, a set-top-box similar to Apple TV that allows subscribers to easily stream a growing catalog of flicks to living room TV sets.


Blockbuster said to be developing Apple TV rival

04/10/2008, 11:04 am

In the latest bid to revitalize its fading brand amongst a flood of new competitors, movie rental house Blockbuster is said to be developing a set-top device for streaming films directly to TV sets.


Blu-ray exclusives by Best Buy, Netflix deal HD DVD serious blow

02/12/2008, 08:02 am

Compounding troubles for the ailing HD DVD format, Best Buy and movie rental service Netflix both said on Monday that they would focus their attention on Blu-ray discs.


Netflix and LG to make a run at Apple TV and iTunes

01/03/2008, 02:01 pm

Netflix, the world's largest online movie rental service, and electronics maker LG said Thursday they have joined forces to develop a set-top box for consumers to stream movies and other programming directly from the Internet to HDTVs -- bypassing the need to use a personal computer.