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Topic: The Morning Show

Jennifer Aniston wins Screen Actors Guild award for 'The Morning Show'

01/20/2020, 05:01 am

Apple TV+ drama "The Morning Show" has earned an award from the Screen Actors Guild for Jennifer Aniston's performance, marking the second win for the series.


Billy Crudup earns Apple TV+ first award win for 'The Morning Show'

01/13/2020, 06:01 am

Billy Crudup has been named best supporting actor at the Critics Choice Awards for his role in "The Morning Show" on Apple TV+, winning the service its first award.


Apple releases new 'Inside The Morning Show' promo video

01/06/2020, 07:01 am

The stars, writers and producers of Apple TV+ drama "The Morning Show" are featured in a new behind the scenes video promoting the show ahead of its second season.


Ricky Gervais roasts Apple as Golden Globes snub 'The Morning Show'

01/06/2020, 06:01 am

Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais praised the Apple TV+ drama series, but then as Tim Cook watched, accused Apple of running sweatshops. "The Morning Show" won none of its three nominated awards.


After two months, Apple TV+ lacks a breakout hit

01/04/2020, 05:01 pm

As Apple's largest ever new service launch, Apple TV+ has brought us a strong stable of good shows. It just hasn't had that all-important breakout hit yet -- but that could be about to change.


Apple's Mac Pro, iOS 13.3, encryption backdoors on the AppleInsider Podcast

12/13/2019, 08:12 am

This week on the AppleInsider Podcast, Victor and William talk about password managers, the Feds threatening encryption backdoors, Apple Card iPhone installments, and unsurprisingly the Mac Pro.


'The Morning Show' racks up three Screen Actors Guild nominations

12/11/2019, 02:12 pm

AppleTV+ newsroom drama "The Morning Show" has been nominated twice for outstanding male actor and once for outstanding female actor by the Screen Actors Guild.


'The Morning Show' earns three Golden Globe nominations for Apple TV+ [u]

12/09/2019, 08:12 am

The Apple TV+ drama series about an early morning TV news show has been nominated for best television drama series and has two nods for best actress. It's the first Apple TV+ show to gain award nominations.


Apple TV+ Servant, Morning Show haters, and the Mac Pro factory on the AppleInsider Podcast

11/22/2019, 08:11 am

This week on the AppleInsider Podcast, Victor and William discuss Apple TV+'s forthcoming show "Servant" by M. Night Shyamalan, whether critics are Apple haters for hating on the morning show, and Apple's expansion in Austin.


Initial 'The Morning Show' reviews were 'attack on Apple,' executive producers say

11/19/2019, 05:11 pm

Executive producers of Apple TV+ original series "The Morning Show" on Tuesday said early feedback from reviewers was less of a commentary on content as it was a knock against Apple itself.


Disney+ has officially launched, here's how to sign up for the service

11/12/2019, 05:11 am

Disney+ has launched, bringing Disney's nearly century-long catalog of content to subscribers of the service. Here's where you can sign up, as well as what you can expect.


Apple TV+ reportedly attracts 'millions' of users in first week as Apple renews four shows

11/07/2019, 04:11 pm

Millions of users are watching Apple TV+ content in the week since the video streaming service debuted, according to a report on Thursday, though it is unclear how many are paying subscribers.


Apple TV+ launches with original series and movies

11/01/2019, 03:11 am

After months of rumor, speculation and fanfare, Apple's first foray into video streaming, Apple TV+, launched on Friday at midnight Pacific, offering customers and media a first look at what the tech company brings to an already crowded table.


'The Morning Show' director calls reports of $300M budget 'way overblown,' talks #MeToo tie in

10/31/2019, 08:10 pm

Mimi Leder, an executive producer and director of Apple TV+ original "The Morning Show," on Thursday responded to reports that the series will cost Apple some $300 million over two seasons, calling the figure "way overblown."


How can Apple already renew Apple TV+ shows, before they've aired?

10/30/2019, 01:10 pm

It sounds nonsensical, but there are key, practical reasons why renewing a television or streaming series before it's even been aired is necessary. AppleInsider delves into the reasons.


Three episodes of 'The Morning Show' coming to Apple TV+ on Nov. 1

10/28/2019, 11:10 pm

Following the world premiere of Apple TV+ exclusive "The Morning Show" in New York City on Monday, Apple announced the series' first three episodes will be available to stream when the service debuts this week.


Apple TV+ review: don't wake up for 'The Morning Show' just yet

10/28/2019, 09:10 am

Apple's "The Morning Show" packs all the power, pageantry and prestige you'd expect from a series anchoring the launch of the company's new Apple TV+ streaming service, but it sadly has yet to find its voice.


Apple tried to buy an existing studio to kickstart Apple TV+

10/23/2019, 10:10 am

Before it began commissioning individual series, and before forming its own in-house production team, Apple reportedly made several attempts to buy existing companies and studios.


Apple quality pulled Jennifer Aniston back for 'The Morning Show'

10/08/2019, 05:10 pm

Star of "The Morning Show" Jennifer Aniston believes that the quality of content on streaming services was a deciding factor on her return to the small screen for Apple.


Full trailer for Apple TV + 'The Morning Show' now available

08/19/2019, 09:08 am

A week after the teaser debuted for the Apple TV+ show 'The Morning Show,' Apple has released the full trailer for the drama starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell