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This week on AI: No 3.5mm jack on 'iPhone 7,' Tidal takeover talks, Apple vs. Spotify & more

"iPhone 7" rumors resurfaced with a vengeance this week —but there were also interesting developments in the music streaming world, particularly with claims that Apple is interested in buying one its rivals, Tidal.

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Everything you need to know:

  • A new parts leak backs the idea of twin speakers and no 3.5mm jack on the iPhone 7 > >
  • Apple may be considering a Tidal buyout for better exclusives > >
  • The iPhone 7 might have a "Force" Touch ID button > >
  • A new dev kit for Lightning headphones further supports the idea of Apple removing the iPhone 7's 3.5mm jack > >
  • Spotify sharply criticized Apple's decision to reject an app update > >
  • Apple responded in equally strong terms > >
  • U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren accused Apple of trying to "lock out" competition > >

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A roundup of all of our hottest stories this week:

Alleged 'iPhone 7' chassis shows symmetrical speakers, lacks 3.5mm headphone jack

Apple reportedly mulling Tidal acquisition for access to exclusive content

Apple's 'iPhone 7' again rumored to feature 'Force Touch ID' home button

Cirrus Logic unveils Apple-authorized Lightning headphone development kit

Spotify says Apple rejected update over App Store policies, 'causing grave harm' to service

Rumor: Apple's space gray 'iPhone 7' will be a 'much darker color'

Apple to reveal fiscal Q3 2016 earnings on July 26

Apple under investigation by South Korean anti-competition body

Apple counsel attacks Spotify complaints as 'rumors and half-truths'

New photos show possible Lightning-equipped EarPods for Apple's 'iPhone 7'

Apple uses platform dominance to 'lock out' competition, says Elizabeth Warren

Nancy Pelosi expresses disappointment over Tim Cook's GOP fundraiser

MetroPCS to sell Apple's iPhone for first time on Friday, but only in Florida

NYC Apple reseller and community staple Tekserve to close Manhattan store