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AppleInsider podcast talks 'iPhone 8' & OLED supply, speaks with iZotope about Spire Studio

This week on the AppleInsider podcast, Neil and Victor talk about next week's announcement of the 'iPhone 8', Apple Watch, OLED technology, and Victor interviews iZotope's Product Manager, Colin Thurmond, about their new Spire Studio recording hardware.

Come back and listen on the Sept. 12, when we will have exclusive coverage from the Steve Jobs Theater and Apple Park with AppleInsider's own Dan Dilger!

Until then, in our latest episode, AppleInsider editors Neil Hughes and Victor Marks discuss:

  • Killer deals! Save up to $600 off a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, or $800 off the top configuration.
  • The new iPhone is coming! We think Apple will allow orders to begin on Sept. 15.
  • There are some alleged SIM trays showing black, gold, and silver as possibly the only colors for the new phone.
  • Samsung is the sole supplier of OLED for Apple, which puts Apple in a pinch for meeting demand for the phone.
  • LG for their part is unlikely to start supplying until 2019. Victor and Neil agree their current effort, the display on the VG30 (Victor mistakenly said V3) is not acceptable.
  • Listener feedback: A listener had feedback on how OLED should be pronounced, and Neil and Victor discuss both pronunciations. There's no real consensus on which way is right: Samsung say 'Oh-ell-ee-dee' and LG say 'Oh-led'. Do you like Liam Neeson? Liam Neeson pronounces OLED, 'Oh-Led.' That's right.
  • Apple could use the sleep/wake button as the Siri button, in a phone with no home button. Do we need a physical button to prompt Siri?
  • Victor interviews iZotope's product manager, Colin Thurmond, about their new Spire Studio portable audio recorder product. We recorded this segment using the Spire Studio, so the sound quality you're hearing is what it captured. The only modification to the audio was raising the gain to match the rest of the show. No other audio retouching was performed. (If we were to do it again, we might get a little closer to the mic. For a first use of an unfamiliar product, it's impressive.)
  • Rumor: A photo shows shipping pallets with boxes said to contain iPhones destined for the U.S.
  • Rumor: Some people think the supposed "iPhone 7s" gets renamed to "iPhone 8," leaving the new form-factor phone name up in the air.
  • The name's Cook. Tim Cook. Apple is reported to be in the running to purchase rights to James Bond film franchise. We'll see if it comes true, but Apple needs to do something more than "Carpool Karaoke," no matter how much you might like Jamie Corden.
  • Apple's fitness lab has clocked over 66,000 hours of performance testing, larger than any other study on Earth. This is one of the things that makes Victor excited about Apple Watch and things like CareKit.
  • PSA: Zello, used by the 'Cajun Navy' to coordinate rescue in Houston following Hurricane Harvey is a good app, but it still requires working cell towers and internet to Zello's servers.

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