Apple TV 6

Apple TV 6

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A new Apple TV would come with benefits of added memory and performance for those seeking more from their set-top box. The "Apple TV 6" would be the long awaited update to the current Apple TV 4K model with better processors and storage.

● TBA 2020
● tvOS 14
● 64GB and 128GB storage options
● Possible A12X or newer chipset
● Redesigned Siri Remote

Apple does not update its Apple TV hardware very often, but chipset improvements and storage options would make an "Apple TV 6" a noticeable upgrade. The new Apple TV could see cheaper memory options and better gaming performance.

There are many streaming apps on Apple TVAn “Apple TV 6” would serve the same great content

New "Apple TV 6" Hardware

When the Apple TV 4K debuted in 2017, it was upgraded with the A10X chipset, more internal storage, and a built-in App Store. The new Apple TV would likely still feature 4K content, so a performance update is directed at enhancing gaming experiences. 

The new Apple TV would likely still feature 4K content, so a performance update be directed at an improved gaming experience. With Apple Arcade gaining new games periodically, it only makes sense to give a more console equivalent chipset in Apple's own TV set-top box.

The current A12X, and new in the 2020 iPad Pro A12Z, are said to be as powerful as an Xbox One. While a higher-end gaming experience on the Apple TV is theoretically possible, Apple is unlikely to take on Microsoft and Sony head-on in the console world.

Video games are usually very large files. On iOS and iPadOS, they can be multiple gigabytes of data, and on consoles like a Playstation 4, some games are as big as 100GB. It is easy to see why 64GB max storage wouldn't cut it for those users who are more serious about gaming on their Apple TV.

One rumor suggests that the new "Apple TV 6" may feature 64GB base storage with 128GB in a more expensive model.

tvOS 14

Rumors around the software for the new Apple TV have been circulating as well. Code found in a leaked version of iOS 14 suggests a few new features are coming to the OS.

Apple Arcade would benefit from a better chipset Apple Arcade would benefit from a better chipset in the new Apple TV

One leak from iOS 14 code suggests that the Workouts app could come to Apple TV in tvOS 14. This would likely show the user data based on past workouts and enable each Apple TV user to access customized and algorithmically generated workout content. This app would likely have demonstration videos to show users how to perform a workout safely.

A "Kids Mode" will enable Apple TV owners to set up a profile specifically for children to use. The profile will include a number of restrictions affecting the types of content that will be viewable within the mode, such as preventing playback of mature content. Adults will also be able to limit apps that children will have access to within the mode.

Screen Time will be making an appearance in the operating system as well, with it affecting all account types, not just Kids Mode profiles. Under Screen Time, users will be able to see how much time was spent watching different types of content, as well as how long Apple Arcade games were played, which could help parents better control their child's viewing and usage habits.

Another notable app missing from the Apple TV is the Home app. The Apple TV is one of the allowed home hubs designated by Apple and can control your home via Siri, but there is no app interface associated with the features. An obvious addition would be a home app that lets you access camera feeds and control devices using the gestures on the Siri remote.

The current Siri remote design has some ergonomic issues”Apple TV 6” may get a new Siri remote

Release Date

Rumors surrounding the new Apple TV have been few and far between, but a tweet from Jon Prosser gave us some insight into where the product stands in early May. He asserted that the Apple TV will have an A12X chipset and could release at any time in the near future.

There have been sporadic product releases throughout the first quarter of 2020, which means a random product release for a refreshed Apple TV could easily happen. There is also a good chance of such a product arriving at WWDC in June, to promote a developers' story for better Apple Arcade support and more powerful TV apps.

"Apple TV 6" Pricing

The Apple TV 4K retails for $179 at 32GB and $199 for 64GB. An "Apple TV 6" will likely remain in those price points and move the Apple TV 4K into the $150 range or lower.


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