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Topic: backpacks

Review: WaterField's Tech Rolltop Backpack is a durable if pricey status symbol

06/07/2019, 09:06 pm

WaterField's latest backpack is a durable and versatile option for carrying your MacBook, iPad or other tech gear, but the price is only worth it if you put style on the same pedestal as function.


Hands on: WaterField's Tech Rolltop Backpack for MacBooks & iPads

05/22/2019, 02:05 pm

San Francisco-based WaterField recently launched the Tech Rolltop Backpack, an option for Mac and iPad toters who occasionally need to cram in a lot extra.


Review: 5.11's AMP24 backpack can take your Mac or iPad into the brush

05/17/2019, 03:05 pm

5.11's AMP24 backpack is more concentrated on outdoor adventures -- or even combat -- than on carrying MacBooks and iPads to the office, but it could also be the last one you ever need.


Hands on: 5.11's rugged, Mac- & iPad-capable AMP24 backpack

04/26/2019, 02:04 pm

Many backpacks are roomy enough to carry MacBooks and iPads, but if you're looking for something tougher we recently stumbled across 5.11's lineup, including the AMP24.