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Topic: iPhone 5C

China Telecom, Unicom rumored to offer Apple's new iPhones Sept. 20, China Mobile in Nov.

09/05/2013, 02:09 pm

Apple's current carrier partners China Unicom and China Telecom may offer the company's next-generation iPhones as soon as Sept. 20, though a launch on China Mobile is expected to come slightly later, a new rumor claims.


Apple already has experts on-site in China investigating latest claims of labor violations

09/05/2013, 01:09 pm

Just hours after a new report slammed an Apple supplier for failing to meet labor laws in China, the iPhone maker has responded and revealed that its investigators are already at the factory in question.


Apple's China media event fuels speculation of quick iPhone launch, China Mobile deal

09/05/2013, 09:09 am

The news that Apple will hold its first-ever iPhone media event in China has generated expectations that the company has something big up its sleeve, such as a sooner-than-expected launch of new models in that country, or perhaps a deal with China Mobile, the world's largest carrier.


Apple supplier accused of labor violations in producing new 'iPhone 5C'

09/05/2013, 09:09 am

Watchdog organization China Labor Watch has accused Apple supplier Jabil Circuit of committing labor violations at a Chinese factory that is allegedly producing the "iPhone 5C."


Apple to hold separate iPhone event in China on Sept. 11

09/04/2013, 04:09 am

Apple has announced that it will be holding a special media event for Chinese journalists on Sept. 11, just ten hours after the company is expected to announce a next-generation iPhone lineup at its headquarters in Cupertino, Calif.


Apple promises to 'brighten everyone's day' at Sept. 10 iPhone announcement

09/03/2013, 12:09 pm

Apple on Tuesday sent out invitations for a media event next Tuesday, Sept. 10, at which the company is expected to show off its next-generation iPhone models that will come in a new range of colors.


Apparent 'iPhone 5C' instruction manual surfaces in the Netherlands

09/03/2013, 08:09 am

A series of new images from the Netherlands claim to show a instruction manual that will ship with the Dutch version of Apple's forthcoming "iPhone 5C."


Apple blocking support personnel vacations from Sept. 15-28 for launch of new iPhones & iOS 7

08/30/2013, 01:08 pm

AppleCare employees have been restricted from taking time off for a two-week period, from Sept. 15 through 28 a span during which Apple is expected to launch its new iPhone lineup, as well as the revamped iOS 7 mobile operating system.


Prototype enclosures for Apple's 'iPhone 5C' apparently appearing on eBay

08/26/2013, 11:08 am

Ahead of the product's anticipated debut, prototype parts for Apple's so-called "iPhone 5C" have become so numerous, they're now available to purchase on eBay.


Photo claims to show dozens of 'iPhone 5C 'units passing through QA testing

08/24/2013, 08:08 pm

A new image has emerged online showing what appears to be a number of "iPhone 5C" models in testing in a Pegatron facility, as Apple gears up to introduce the anticipated device next month.


Rumor: Apple's 'iPhone 5S,' '5C' to see Chinese release Nov. 28

08/23/2013, 10:08 am

The next iteration of Apple's iPhone will see release in China roughly two months after it's expected to debut in the U.S. due to government regulation, according to the latest rumors.


UBS sees 'iPhone 5C' becoming big in China, boosts AAPL target to $560

08/21/2013, 02:08 pm

Investment firm UBS sees shares of Apple rising more than 10 percent in the near future based on the potential for a lower-cost iPhone to make a big splash in the Chinese smartphone market.


Plastic shell purportedly for Apple's 'iPhone 5C' shines in durability test

08/21/2013, 01:08 pm

A plastic rear shell, alleged to be a production part destined for Apple's rumored low-cost "iPhone 5C," has appeared in a new video report out of Taiwan, where it was measured and even put through a scratch resistance test.


Survey finds China's 'sweet spot' for Apple 'iPhone 5C' priced at $486

08/20/2013, 08:08 am

A new survey of smartphone buyers in China has found that the pricing "sweet spot" for Apple's rumored "iPhone 5C" is $486 a price higher than the analyst responsible for the poll expected.


Apple reaffirmed to debut two new iPhone models in early Sept.

08/19/2013, 03:08 pm

While it doesn't offer any new information, a report from The Wall Street Journal published Monday reaffirms what most observers already expect: Apple is planning to launch two iPhone models in early September, including an entirely new low-cost option.


Apple on track to build 5.2M 'iPhone 5S,' 8.4M 'iPhone 5C' units this quarter

08/19/2013, 08:08 am

Apple's anticipated plastic "iPhone 5C" is reportedly on track to outship the high-end "iPhone 5S" this quarter, as the latter faces apparent production issues associated with a new fingerprint sensor.


'iPhone 5C' expected to replace iPhone 5, while Apple's iPhone 4S will live on

08/19/2013, 08:08 am

This fall, Apple's newly revamped iPhone lineup is expected to include the high-end "iPhone 5S," a plastic "iPhone 5C," and a low-end option with the legacy iPhone 4S, according to a well-connected insider.


Low-cost iPhone predicted to boost both Apple's margins & international sales

08/13/2013, 08:08 am

Despite potentially offering a lower entry price, Apple's anticipated low-cost iPhone may actually boost the company's gross margins in the smartphone space while also increasing international market share, a new prediction suggests.


Apple to introduce next iPhone at Sept. 10 media event

08/10/2013, 08:08 pm

Apple is set to unveil its next iPhone next month at an Apple Event reported to be held September 10, 2013.