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Topic: Magic Mouse

Hands on: If you ever wanted a giant leather mousepad, Nomad's got just the thing

08/02/2018, 09:08 am

This oversized mousepad and working surface from Nomad is crafted from genuine Horween leather to complement any workspace -- and AppleInsider has one.


Apple's 21.5-inch iMac with 4K Retina display rumored to launch next week

10/06/2015, 01:10 pm

Apple's all-in-one iMac desktop lineup could be expanded as soon as next week, with a new high-resolution 21.5-inch model with 4K Retina display reportedly set to launch soon.


Apple to update Magic Mouse & wireless keyboard with Bluetooth LE, integrated batteries, FCC reveals

08/15/2015, 06:08 pm

Two newly published filings with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission reveal that Apple is planning to release a new Magic Mouse and wireless keyboard with support for the power sipping Bluetooth Low Energy specification.


Rumor: Apple to add Touch ID to Retina MacBook Air as well as future Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad

02/17/2015, 11:02 am

Apple may be planning an expansion of its Touch ID fingerprint authentication technology to its portable computers and peripherals in advance of a larger Apple Pay rollout, according to a Tuesday report out of Taiwan.


Inventor of the computer mouse dies at 88

07/04/2013, 09:07 am

Though the mouse didn't become the standard way to control a desktop computer until Apple released the Macintosh in 1984, it was first invented 20 years earlier by a visionary World War II veteran named Douglas C. Engelbart, who passed away this week at the age of 88.


Apple's new Thunderbolt iMacs get Boot Camp update, dual-monitor out

05/03/2011, 01:05 pm

Apple on Tuesday quickly released an update to address issues with Boot Camp on its new iMacs. Also, the new 27-inch all-in-one desktop supports two monitor outputs via its two Thunderbolt ports, and orders can ship with a Magic Trackpad instead of a Magic Mouse at no extra cost.


Apple's next Magic Mouse could include a multi-touch display

01/20/2011, 09:01 am

Apple has shown interest in adding a display to its multi-touch Magic Mouse, adding interactivity and functionality to the wireless mouse for its Mac line of computers.


Review: Apple's new Magic Trackpad

07/28/2010, 05:07 pm

Apple's new Magic Trackpad offers desktop Mac users a multitouch trackpad alternative to the mouse, designed to match its super slim aluminum keyboard.


Purported photos of Apple's multitouch 'Magic Trackpad' leaked

06/07/2010, 07:06 am

Photos of a new wireless multitouch "Magic Trackpad" input device -- an unannounced product rumored for months -- leaked Monday before Apple's WWDC 2010 keynote.


Apple files for ownership of 'Magic Trackpad' trademark

02/26/2010, 10:02 am

Apple this week filed for ownership of the term "Magic Trackpad" with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, perhaps signaling the name for a new product, or a rebranding of the company's existing trackpads.


Next-gen Apple iPhone rumored to have Magic Mouse-like touch panel

01/14/2010, 09:01 am

Apple will introduce a new iPhone in 2010 that will employ a touch-sensitive plastic back casing similar to the one used on the company's new Magic Mouse, one analyst has said.


Magic Mouse helps Apple double share of market in 8 weeks

12/29/2009, 10:12 am

Apple's new Magic Mouse helped Apple see a twofold increase in its share of domestic mice sales last month, AppleInsider has learned, garnering the Mac maker a double-digit slice of the market for the first time ever.


First Look Review: Apple's wireless, multitouch Magic Mouse

10/30/2009, 07:10 am

Apple has broken its decade-long chain of terrible mouse designs with the new multitouch, wireless Magic Mouse, although its multitouch features are somewhat limited in functionality.


Apple releases Magic Mouse software updates

10/27/2009, 09:10 pm

Today, Apple released updates for both Leopard and Snow Leopard enabling the OS to use the multi-touch capabilities of standalone versions of the Magic Mouse.


Apple's new Magic Mouse disassembled, with pictures

10/22/2009, 09:10 am

The world's first multi-touch mouse, Apple's new Magic Mouse, has been pulled apart from all of the glue that holds it together, allowing a glimpse at its internal components.


Mac OS X 10.6.2 to have native support for Apple's Magic Mouse

10/21/2009, 08:10 am

Native support for Apple's new multi-touch Magic Mouse will require the unreleased Mac OS X 10.6.2 or later, the new hardware's user manual states.


Inside Apple's new multitouch Magic Mouse

10/20/2009, 07:10 pm

Apple's new Magic Mouse brings multitouch technologies first exposed on the iPhone and MacBook touchpad to the venerable mouse.


Apple takes wraps off new multi-touch Bluetooth Magic Mouse

10/20/2009, 11:10 am

Apple on Tuesday released what the company heralded as the first-ever multi-touch mouse, a new product called the Magic Mouse, the successor to the Mighty Mouse.