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This week on AI: Apple's $350B US cash influx, Chinese labor scandal, HomePod coming soon & more

With newsmakers finally back from the holidays, the Apple sphere finally began spinning at high speed again —particularly after Apple's announcement that it plans to pump a lot of money into the U.S. economy through 2023.

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Everything you need to know:

  • Apple expects to contribute $350 billion to the U.S. economy, including $38 billion in taxes on repatriated cash > >
  • Employee shuttles are being diverted because of smashed windows > >
  • Apple supplier Catcher is accused of loud and dangerous working conditions > >
  • iPhone owners will be able to turn off CPU throttling with an upcoming iOS update > >
  • The HomePod may finally be on the verge of shipping > >
  • Apple and HBO are squaring off over a J.J. Abrams sci-fi drama > >
  • Ireland may not start collecting back taxes from Apple until the second quarter of the year > >

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A roundup of all of our hottest stories this week:

Apple to pump $350B into US economy over next 5 years, pay record $38B in repatriation taxes

Apple diverting worker shuttles because of smashed windows

China Labor Watch again cites Apple for poor Chinese factory working conditions

iPhone owners will be able to disable CPU throttling in future iOS version, Cook says

Apple's first million HomePods now shipping from Inventec - report

Apple slugs it out with HBO over new J.J. Abrams TV drama - report

Ireland's plans for Apple to pay $15.9B in back taxes may be delayed until Q2 2018

Kristen Wiig on tap for new Apple-funded scripted comedy series

Toyota concedes, reveals plans to launch first cars with Apple CarPlay

India loosens 30 percent sourcing requirement on sale goods, paving the way for Apple Stores

Apple, ARM & Intel facing potential Israeli class action suit over Meltdown & Spectre

Apple under fire from U.S.-based class action suit over Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities in A-series chips

Apple's first South Korean store set to open in Seoul on Jan. 27

Siri learns to play news podcasts automatically

New leases give Apple a large footprint in Los Angeles for content push

Apple joins other tech companies in urging protection of US work permits for highly-skilled immigrants' spouses

Fix for 'chaiOS' malicious link that crashes Messages coming in next iOS update

Apple, Samsung under investigation by Italian government over planned obsolescence allegations

Microsoft improves Office 2016 for Mac with real-time collaboration & automatic cloud saves

Apple to decide location of new campus without public bidding process

Trump talks up Apple's $350B US investment, says thanked Tim Cook by phone

Apple CEO Tim Cook named in South Korean complaint over iPhone slowdowns

Apple hires away tech team from SVDS, potentially to improve enterprise business