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Cameras on 'iPhone 12' may offer 240fps 4K video, use 7-element lenses

Cameras on the iPhone 11 Pro models.

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The "iPhone 12" could be capable of recording video at up to 240fps at a 4K resolution, and 2020 may be the last year that iPhones use a 7-piece plastic lens, a leaker claims.

The imaging capabilities of the iPhone have been a major selling point for the smartphone line, and has been a major marketing tool for years. As Apple continues to improve the camera system on the "iPhone 12," it is claimed a bigger change may be coming to video.

According to YouTube's EverythingApplePro as well as Max Weinbach, Apple is working on adding the ability to record video using the rear cameras at a 4K resolution at frame rates of 120fps and 240fps. References were apparently discovered in the camera app supplied as part of the initial iOS 14 developer beta, while other sources suggest Apple is continuing to test the capability for video capture internally.

For consumers, this change would be a considerable increase from current 4K-resolution frame rates, and effectively enables the slo-mo function to operate at higher resolutions.

Continuing the camera rumors, a Weibo leaker is cited as claiming the "iPhone 12" range will be the only one to offer cameras with a seven-element plastic lens, an increase from the six-element version used in the iPhone 11. While this isn't a new suggestion, as it has previously been brought up by Ming-Chi Kuo in March, the leaker goes further in suggesting Apple is already working on eight-piece lenses for its 2021 iPhones.

The video also touched upon other elements of the "iPhone 12," including a claim that production of the "A14" SoC will begin in the next week, following a Chinese holiday. The chip will have almost double the number of transistors at 15 billion compared to the 8.5 billion used on the A13.

For the display, a production update for the Pro Motion panels indicates 120Hz screens are still likely to arrive in 2020 for the "iPhone 12 Pro" models. While the "iPhone 12 Pro Max" screen has passed five out of five production tests, the non-Max version has achieved four out of five, with the miss attributed to its smaller size.

Despite the hardware failure, it is apparently a fixable problem, but the cost to rectify may prompt Apple to pull Pro Motion for this cycle.

As for connectivity, it is claimed a version of the "iPhone 12" using the Qualcomm X60 5G modem has passed engineering tests, which could lead to its use in the 2020 model instead of being put off into the 2021 version. A Weibo leaker writes that the modem has "successfully passed a series of final tests of Apple performance," covering power consumption, heat dissipation, noise, interference, electromagnetic waves, and other concerns.