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New 2021 Macs, Sideloading iOS on M1, and AirPods Max issues, on the AppleInsider podcast

Hear all the latest rumors about the 2021 Macs, plus how to sideoad iOS apps onto an M1 Mac, and just what is going on with continuing AirPods Max issues.

New claims from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and a report from Bloomberg point to a refreshed 16-inch and new 14-inch MacBook Pro models. They may feature the return of MagSafe charging, but they might also eliminate the Touch Bar. Then in addition to the rumored MacBook Pro updates, these reports also claim that a smaller Mac Pro, cheaper Apple display and refreshed iMac desktops are coming this year.

Next, Apple recently blocked and then re-enabled sideloading of iOS apps onto M1 powered Macs. We give you the step-by-step process for taking an app installed on your iOS device, and moving it to your Mac using the third-party app iMazing.

Many AirPods Max users are reporting significant condensation inside the earcups after short listening periods. In addition to this water issue, some users are claiming complete battery drain overnight and Bluetooth connectivity issues. We discuss a possible fix for the battery drain and connectivity issues which entails a factory reset of the headphones.

Then we're as obsessed with desk setups as you are, so we share our evolving situation — and ask for your recommendations about storage solutions for video production.

Lastly, we answer listener questions and provide follow-up on using Apple Watch to unlock 1Password when a MacBook is in clamshell mode.

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