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Review: Logitech Powered Qi charging stand a good stylistic match for the iPhonerating

08/30/2018, 01:45:PM

There is no shortage of wireless charging stands and docks for the latest iPhones, with seemingly every Apple accessory maker getting in on the game. Logitech is one of the latest with their Powered wireless charging stand, and we've been using it for a while now.


Review: Alto brings Italian leather to Apple Watch bandsrating

08/29/2018, 01:31:PM

Alto has a history of crafting fantastic cases, sleeves, and other accessories from fine Italian leather. Its new line of Apple Watch bands brings that same quality to a new form.


Review: Eve Room 2 gives users climate monitoring and HomeKit Siri automationrating

08/28/2018, 12:08:PM

Eve Room was one of the first HomeKit products to hit the market. Now years later, Eve Systems is back with the updated version, the aptly named Eve Room 2.


Review: Blue Yeti Nano shrinks the popular USB microphonerating

08/28/2018, 09:29:AM

Blue's latest microphone -- the Yeti Nano -- is a miniaturized version of the company's popular Yeti USB mic. AppleInsider has spent the last couple weeks testing it out ahead of the launch and we are very pleased with this stout recorder.


Review: Nomad integrates a Tile Bluetooth tracker to their new Slim Walletrating

08/27/2018, 11:05:AM

Nomad wants to help you keep track of your most vital items with its new Slim Wallet using an integrated Tile Bluetooth tracker, all within premium Horween leather.


Review: JBL's Link 20 Bluetooth speaker with Google Assistant nails itrating

08/24/2018, 07:47:PM

The JBL Link 20 is expensive as Bluetooth speakers go, but an absolute steal in the world of smartspeakers, especially ones with Google Assistant.


Review: Fantom Drives G-Force 3.1 USB-C SSD great for on-the-go video editingrating

08/24/2018, 03:05:PM

Fantom Drives has long been purveyors of external drives, almost always encased in a durable metal body. Their new 1TB G-Force 3.1 drive carries on that tradition with the addition of USB-C.


Review: G-Drive mobile adds USB-C for on-the-go storagerating

08/22/2018, 01:46:PM

The G|Drive mobile USB-C portable hard drive is an updated version of their popular portable storage designed to work with Apple's latest Macs, and AppleInsider has one.


Review: Sonicare DiamondClean Smart uses your iPhone and Bluetooth to perfect the electric toothbrushrating

08/19/2018, 01:02:PM

Philips Sonicare has taken an oft-parodied feature -- Bluetooth -- and baked it into their popular electric toothbrush. To our surprise, it actually added a wealth of features and greatly improved an already fantastic product.


Review: Hue Lily multi-color spotlights bring HomeKit to the outdoorsrating

08/13/2018, 12:09:PM

Hue has become the most popular indoor smart light, and now they have evolved to tackle the outdoors as well. Hue Lily is one of many new outdoor bulbs and fixtures from Signify, marking the first official outdoor HomeKit lights.


Review: Apple and Blackmagic's eGPU with Thunderbolt 3 connectivityrating

08/12/2018, 01:19:PM

AppleInsider takes an in-depth look at Apple and Blackmagic's Thunderbolt-enabled eGPU, testing the MacBook-accelerating hardware with a gamut of tests from 5K gaming to video editing. We show you everything that sets this eGPU apart from the pack.


Review: Lenovo's Smart Display can sell iPhone owners on Google Assistantrating

08/08/2018, 02:52:PM

Lenovo's product makes a surprisingly solid case for why a smartspeaker should have a touchscreen, moreso than the Amazon Echo Show or Spot.


Review: Awair and your iPhone help you understand what's in the air you breatherating

08/05/2018, 03:21:PM

The air quality within your home can affect many aspects of your health, which is why it is important to understand the quality of what you breathe. Awair aims to do just that while looking striking in the process.


Review: Sennheiser's Ambeo Smart Headset offers binaural recording at a pricerating

08/02/2018, 02:28:PM

The Ambeo Smart Headset isn't necessarily a must-have, but still sounds great and can be a relatively cheap way to get into binaural recording.


Review: The 2018 MacBook Pro with i9 processor is the fastest laptop Apple has ever made, but it could be betterrating

07/29/2018, 11:08:AM

The i9 MacBook Pro is a feat of engineering and design that Apple has carried forward for the last three models, but choices made at the inception of the line are echoing forward to today, cutting back a very little bit on what the computer could be.


Review: The 2018 i7 15-inch MacBook Pro is much more than a spec bumprating

07/28/2018, 10:59:AM

Looking at the outside of the computer, it is very easy to think that the new 15-inch MacBook Pro with Core i7 processor is unchanged from last year's model. However, there are a surprising amount of improvements beyond just a new and powerful processor that Apple users have been looking for.


2018 13-inch MacBook Pro review: Apple's lofty promises are finally realizedrating

07/27/2018, 11:05:AM

The true realization of Apple's ultra-thin, ultra-powerful professional-grade notebook has finally arrived, elevated to greatness by the maturation of USB-C, the fixing of a flawed keyboard, and the polish of an increasingly versatile macOS platform.


Review: Ecovacs Ozmo 601 is an iPhone-controlled robo vac that can also moprating

07/15/2018, 08:57:PM

Robotic vacuums have grown increasingly capable over the years. We recently put one of Ecovacs' newest to the test that is capable of not only sweeping up debris on solid floors and carpets, but mopping as well.


Apple's new leather MacBook Sleeve is finely crafted and high quality -- but at a costrating

07/14/2018, 12:18:PM

Apple's leather sleeves must be solid performers, even with their questionable price. Apple has continued to add leather accessories to their growing lineup of cases and covers after starting out with those for the iPhone, and AppleInsider has the latest addition.


Review: AmpliFi Mesh Wi-Fi System and AmpliFi Teleport Kitrating

07/11/2018, 02:22:PM

Amplifi, a subsidiary brand of Ubiquiti, sells Wi-Fi mesh routing systems that target the same market Apple's AirPort routers were focused on: easy-to-manage networks with high performance and industrial design pleasant enough to put in the home.