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Review: Using the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ camera drone with Apple's iPhonerating

08/03/2014, 06:55:PM

As the name suggests, DJI's Phantom 2 Vision+ isn't much different than its predecessor, with the same exceptional flying capabilities as the last model. But the newfound "plus" for this drone is mostly found in its vastly improved camera and gimbal, which offers super-smooth recording capabilities from a bird's eye view.


Review: Rapoo E6300 Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad rating

07/29/2014, 10:08:PM

Rapoo's E6300 Bluetooth keyboard is billed as the perfect complement to Apple's iPad, with device-specific shortcuts, a slim profile and extended battery life, but the hardware falls far short of expectations.


Review: Philips Hue Tap reimagines the light switchrating

07/23/2014, 11:42:PM

Philips recently introduced its first physical control accessory for the Hue Wireless Lighting system in Hue Tap, a battery-less four-button switch that connects directly to a Hue bridge for control of bulbs, light strips and more.


Review: Automatic Link works with your iPhone to make you a better driverrating

07/15/2014, 10:36:PM

With its Automatic Link accessory and eponymous iOS app, third-party firm Automatic takes smartphone-to-car integration to the next level, empowering users to save gas, improve driving habits and keep tabs on automobile health with an interactive mobile experience.


Review: Creative's Sound Blaster Roar SR20 heavy on features, light on bassrating

07/08/2014, 10:02:PM

In the 1990s, Creative was the go-to firm for beige box PC sound cards, but that market has since dried up thanks to integrated motherboard audio. More recently, the company has been busy reinventing itself as a bonafide audio hardware maker and the Sound Blaster Roar SR20 is its latest product.


Review: Parrot Asteroid Smart in-dash head unit with navigation and app supportrating

07/05/2014, 02:18:PM

Google launched the Open Automotive Alliance in January to put Android in your dashboard to control your phone, just like Apple announced CarPlay as a system to control your iOS device. Parrot's Asteroid Smart doesn't participate in either of these programs, but goes their own way instead.


Review: ioSafe 214 disaster-proof NAS packs in high-end features, unparalleled protectionrating

06/26/2014, 03:58:AM

Many companies are in the business of keeping data safe from digital threats like hackers and viruses, but few focus on the physical dangers of storing it on-site. ioSafe built its brand on so-called "disaster-proof" servers and the latest two-bay 214 model strikes the perfect balance of protection and price.


Review: Henge Docks' Vertical Docking Station for Apple's MacBook Pro with Retina display rating

06/25/2014, 03:08:AM

Henge Docks on Tuesday finally announced availability of its Vertical Docking Station for Apple's 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, introducing a new metal alloy chassis, tweaked cable installation and more.


Review: iRig Voice microphone and EZ Voice app for iOSrating

06/19/2014, 12:47:PM

The iRig Voice microphone and accompanying EZ Voice app for iOS are the latest products from IK Multimedia intended for non-professional musicians who want to sing along with their favorite songs. Together they work well, and can make homemade karaoke recording a lot of fun.


Review: Snappgrip Bluetooth camera shutter controller for Apple's iPhonerating

06/15/2014, 09:55:AM

iPhone photographers who wish they had a steady grip and dedicated shutter button to pair with their Apple handset will likely be impressed by the Snappgrip hardware accessory, but they'll have to tolerate subpar software in order to use the device.


Review: Using the Epson LW-600P portable label printer with Apple's iPhone & Macrating

06/14/2014, 12:01:AM

Epson's LW-600p label printer is an unassuming devices that solves a specific problem, and does so generally well: printing labels on the go. What makes this accessory stand out is the inclusion of Bluetooth and a companion iOS app.


Review: IK Multimedia's iRing gesture-based music creation toolrating

06/08/2014, 08:42:PM

For years, IK Multimedia has been making tools for musicians with popular products like T-Racks and the iRig guitar adapter. Now the firm is dipping its toes into computer vision with a gesture-based music creation tool called iRing.


Review: Tickr Run iPhone-connected heart rate monitor from Wahoorating

06/01/2014, 11:14:AM

Wahoo's latest chest-worn fitness tracking device, the Tickr Run, goes beyond measuring heart rate to track an athlete's pace, distance, and even running smoothness. It's a product that iPhone-carrying exercisers should consider, but unfortunately only if they avoid the treadmill or stationary bike.


Dual Review: Libratone's Lounge and Zipp speakers cover both ends of the spectrumrating

05/18/2014, 06:38:PM

Libratone has made a name for itself by baking high-tech components, innovative design and consistent sound quality into its systems, features usually seen only in much more expensive systems. AppleInsider was able to take a look at how the Lounge, one of the company's first models, stands up to its recently released portable, the Zipp.


Review: Doxie Go battery-powered portable scanner is a workhorserating

05/10/2014, 01:27:PM

Many people love the idea of living a paperless life, but the reality of constantly scanning and tagging documents is usually grim. AppleInsider recently went hands-on with Doxie's battery-powered Doxie Go portable scanner, which promises to lighten up that dreary task.


Review follow-up: Gaming on Amazon's Fire TV and Fire Controller rating

04/12/2014, 07:32:AM

When Amazon launched its Fire TV earlier this month, the company positioned casual gaming as one of the set-top streamer's "bonus" features. In this review follow-up, AppleInsider picks up the controller to find out if mobile gaming is ready for the living room.


Review: Amazon's Fire TV makes iterative improvements in set-top streamingrating

04/07/2014, 09:55:AM

The set-top streaming business got a little more crowded when Amazon announced the Fire TV last week. With voice-activated search, predictive content loading and a gaming "bonus feature," the Internet retail giant is positioning its new device as a cure-all usability for problems plaguing existing products.


Review: Parrot's AR.Drone 2.0 makes iPhone aerial reconnaissance easyrating

04/06/2014, 06:02:AM

As one of the most popular iOS-friendly aerial camera platforms available, Parrot's AR.Drone has become a great example of what's possible within Apple's mobile ecosystem. AppleInsider was recently able to spend time with the second-generation version to see if it's worth the $300 price of entry.


Review: Sharp's 32" 4K display is a high-performance workhorse made for Apple's Mac Prorating

03/23/2014, 03:44:AM

Apple has made clear its intent to support ultra high-resolution displays with the latest Mac and OS X products, but without a 4K display of its own (yet) the company sells only one UHD monitor as a go-along with its flagship Mac Pro: Sharp's PN-K321.


Review: iQi Mobile wireless charging adapter for Apple's iPhonerating

03/16/2014, 05:54:PM

As iPhone owners clamor for a way to cut the final cord, AppleInsider went hands-on with Fonesalesman's new iQi wireless charging adapter to test if the promising charging technology is ready for the spotlight.