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Topic: AMD

Rumor: Apple plans to move laptops from Intel to ARM processors

05/06/2011, 08:05 am

A new rumor claims that Apple plans to ditch Intel processors to instead adopt the ARM architecture currently found in devices like the iPhone and iPad.


Teardown of Apple's 21.5-inch Thunderbolt iMac finds removable graphics board

05/04/2011, 08:05 am

A look inside Apple's new 21.5-inch, Thunderbolt-equipped iMac desktop discovered the ability to swap out the graphics processing unit board for a new one.


Expanded GPU support in Apple's Mac OS X 10.6.7 hints at future Mac hardware

03/24/2011, 10:03 am

Apple's newly released Mac OS X 10.6.7 security and maintenance update for Snow Leopard features support for the latest -- and even some unreleased -- AMD Radeon graphics cards, hinting at inclusion in future Mac hardware.


Apple supplier arrested in insider trading probe over future iPhone, iPad details

12/16/2010, 08:12 pm

An insider trading sweep by federal prosecutors that led to the arrest of five suspects included a senior director for Apple supplier Flextronics, who was arrested on charges that he leaked confidential details about an upcoming iPhone and the unreleased iPad.


Apple to use Intel's Sandy Bridge without Nvidia GPUs in new MacBooks

12/09/2010, 09:12 am

Future MacBooks set to arrive in 2011 will rely on Intel's forthcoming Sandy Bridge processor, which means Nvidia's graphics processors will not be included in at least some models 13 inches and under, according to a new report.


Apple drops appeal of $21.7 million OPTi patent suit

12/07/2010, 06:12 pm

One day prior to its scheduled hearing, Apple has dropped its appeal of a $21.7 million patent infringement case won against it by OPTi Inc last year.


AMD holding off on tablets, admits iPad cannibalizing notebooks

10/15/2010, 01:10 am

AMD Chief Executive Dirk Meyer weighed in on the iPad's impact on sales of netbooks and notebooks, surmising that Apple's tablet has cannibalized both. Meanwhile, the company is waiting for the market to develop before committing R&D resources to developing tablet processors.


AMD reveals plans to retire ATI graphics brand

08/30/2010, 04:08 pm

AMD, the exclusive provider of discrete graphics chips in Apple's latest refresh of the Mac desktop lineup, will phase out the ATI graphics brand name this year.


CDMA iPhone, AMD-powered Apple TV with iOS, 7-inch iPad rumored

08/09/2010, 09:08 am

Overseas component suppliers have started rumors of a number of new products coming from Apple in the next year, including a new Apple TV running iOS and powered by AMD Fusion, a 7-inch iPad, a CDMA iPhone, and a new 9.7-inch iPad with a Cortex-A9 processor and 512MB of RAM in 2011.


OpenGL 4.1 specification released and ready for use by Apple

07/26/2010, 03:07 pm

The Knronos Group released its latest OpenGL 4.1 specification today at the SIGGRAPH conference, introducing tighter integration with mobile OpenGL ES and OpenCL APIs and expanding its core capabilities to unlock graphics performance on both Macs and PCs and on iPhones and other mobile devices.


Apple in advance discussions to adopt AMD chips

04/16/2010, 01:04 pm

Intel has served as Apple's sole source for the microprocessors used in its notebook and desktop personal computers since the company began its transition away from PowerPC in 2006, but that may soon change given the company's recent talks with Intel's chief CPU rival Advanced Micro Devices.


Apple offers fix for iMac's Radeon HD 4850 freezing issues

05/02/2009, 04:05 pm

A rare weekend software update promises to cure system freezing issues in early 2009 iMacs equipped with an ATI Radeon HD 4850 graphics chipset.


Apple's proprietary iPhone chips may not surface till next year

04/30/2009, 08:04 am

Apple's fairly public plans to design a family of exclusive chips to power its next-generation iPhone and multi-touch handheld products may not fully materialize until sometime next year, according to the Wall Street Journal, which provides an overview of the matter with a few additional details.


Apple reportedly adding more graphics chip experts to team

04/29/2009, 12:04 pm

Apple isn't done building its arsenal of chip designers, according to a new report, which claims the company will acquire the services of yet another expert who's enjoyed a long and successful tenure with the ATI/AMD camp.


New iMac owners see Radeon HD 4850-related lock-up issue

04/18/2009, 03:04 pm

In a near-repeat of an issue that plagued the aluminum iMac early on, owners of new iMacs equipped with the ATI Radeon HD 4850 graphics chipset are encountering frequent system freeze issues.


Mac OS X 10.5.7 may have Nehalem, Radeon HD 4000 support

02/28/2009, 11:02 am

In addition to expected fixes, Apple's upcoming 10.5.7 update to Mac OS X Leopard is now claimed to recognize Intel's newer Nehalem architecture as well as AMD's ATI Radeon HD 4000 graphics chipsets.


Apple's OpenCL standard near complete in just six months

11/19/2008, 06:11 pm

Apple has reportedly set an industry record by moving its OpenCL parallel computing standard from its beginnings to imminent approval in half a year, paving the way for its inclusion in Mac OS X Snow Leopard.


Intel details Larrabee multi-core graphics processor

08/04/2008, 05:08 pm

As a prelude to the SIGGRAPH expo, Intel has revealed some key details of its first dedicated 3D chipset and its potential for expanding what developers can do with 3D graphics.


Apple proposes OpenCL as high-speed computing standard

06/17/2008, 07:06 pm

Apple has signed on to an industry-wide alliance that will see many companies, including some of the Mac maker's processor and video card suppliers, work together to develop an open format for accelerating specialized computing.


iPhone 3G's third sensor; Sydney store official; Radeon HD 3870

06/12/2008, 06:06 pm

The mystery third sensor in the new iPhone has allegedly been revealed, but it's not what some have expected. Also, Apple's first Australian store opens its doors next week, and AMD has unveiled a dual-mode Radeon HD card that works with both Macs and PCs.