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Topic: RFID

Wireless NFC e-wallet won't be a part of Apple's iPhone 5 - rumor

03/14/2011, 07:03 am

Apple has allegedly decided to abandon the inclusion of a wireless near-field communication e-wallet in its forthcoming iPhone 5, expected for release this summer.


Use of RFID in Apple's iPhone 5 expected to have a 'unique' twist

02/17/2011, 11:02 am

Apple is expected to include near-field communications technology like radio-frequency identification (RFID) in its next-generation iPhone, but with a different approach to the feature than has been seen in RFID-powered Android phones, according to a new report.


Deutsche Telekom execs claim Apple will support e-wallet NFC this year

02/15/2011, 08:02 am

Executives from Germany's Deutsche Telekom, which is the parent company of T-Mobile, listed Apple among a number of other companies set to support near-field communication e-wallet payments in 2011 at a Mobile World Congress press conference on Tuesday.


Apple seeks RFID, payment platform experts, fueling iPhone e-wallet rumors

01/26/2011, 12:01 pm

As rumors of a near-field communications chip in Apple's next-generation iPhone surface, the company is looking to bolster its team with a hardware engineer familiar with radio-frequency identification (RFID), as well as experts on global payment platforms.


Apple finalizing wireless e-wallet for iPhone 5, iPad 2 - report

01/25/2011, 07:01 am

A new report claims Apple will add near-field communication technology to this year's anticipated iPad 2 and iPhone 5, giving users the ability to have their device serve as an electronic wallet for quick wireless transactions.


Apple's next-gen iPhone rumored with RFID-enabled 'remote computing'

11/01/2010, 02:11 pm

The addition of a near-field communication chip to Apple's next-generation iPhone would add not only "e-wallet" transactions, but also the ability to securely turn a nearby Mac into your own computer, complete with custom settings and personal passwords, according to a new rumor.


Apple developing open SIM for iPhone service, RFID sales

10/27/2010, 08:10 pm

Apple is reportedly working with chip manufacturer Gemalto to deliver an iPhone SIM card capable of working with multiple carriers, allowing users to shop for mobile service directly from the Apple Store. The deal likely also involves authentication for contactless, RFID mobile transactions.


Apple already testing NFC-enabled iPhone prototypes - rumor

08/17/2010, 03:08 pm

Following the news that Apple recently hired an expert on near field communications, a new rumor suggests that the company is already testing a prototype iPhone that could be used for short-range wireless activities such as making in-store transactions.


Latest Apple hire could signal NFC capabilities in future iPhones

08/16/2010, 10:08 am

More evidence that Apple is interested in adding near-field communication technology to its future portable devices, allowing users to have their iPhone act as a wallet for transactions, has come in the form of a new hire.


Apple interested in offering instant product research via iPhone

07/08/2010, 10:07 am

By using near-field communications or a simple barcode scan, future iPhones could instantly obtain information about a range of products, whether it's an electronic device on sale at a local store, or food on a restaurant's menu.


Report: Apple testing RFID swipe support in iPhone prototypes

11/05/2009, 05:11 pm

A site focused on Near Field Communications has reported that Apple has built new iPhone prototypes with hardware support for sensing RFID chips.