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Topic: Windows Mobile

Microsoft exec compares Apple's iPhone 4 to Windows Vista

07/14/2010, 03:07 pm

A Microsoft executive has said that the iPhone 4 could become Apple's version of the maligned Windows Vista operating system -- implying the product could be a misfire that will leave a bad taste in the mouth of consumers.


Adobe ships Flash 10.1 to mobile device makers

06/22/2010, 02:06 pm

Adobe on Tuesday announced the release of Flash Player 10.1 for Mobile, pitching it as "the first release that brings the full Web across desktops and devices."


Inside Apple's iOS 4: new feature parity with Snow Leopard

06/18/2010, 12:06 am

Apple's iOS 4 features the biggest foundational leap for developers since the company first opened up iPhone OS 2.0 to development, now catching up to the core features of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.


Apple to launch new Find My Phone app, MobileMe updates

06/17/2010, 07:06 pm

Apple's MobileMe site is reporting that the system will undergo scheduled maintenance from 10PM PDT to Midnight tonight, Thursday June 17. The site is expected to reopen tomorrow with a finalized Mail update (now in beta), other interface improvements, and alongside a new iOS app that exposes "Find My iPhone" functions for the company's mobile users.


Apple's iPhone market share three times greater than Android in US

06/06/2010, 10:06 am

A new survey of U.S. smartphone owners found that 28 percent use a device running the iPhone OS, compared with just 9 percent on Google's Android mobile operating system.


Apple iPhone Web marketshare outgrows Google Android in May

06/01/2010, 12:06 pm

Despite a larger variety of devices running the Google Android operating system available on the market, Apple's iPhone operating system still outgained its rival in terms of Web presence in the month of May.


Apple's success forces Microsoft to 'shake up' phone, media teams

05/25/2010, 09:05 am

In the face of success from Apple and Google in the portable device market, Microsoft is expected to announce "major organizational changes" in the company's Entertainment and Devices Division, responsible for Windows Phone, Zune and Xbox.


Apple sees 98% iPhone growth as Microsoft, Google prepare for battle

03/11/2010, 10:03 am

Worldwide smartphone shipments stormed back last quarter with 37.2 percent in growth, and Apple's iPhone led the way with a 97.9 percent year-over-year surge in shipments. But the real coming battle in the mobile market, according to one analyst, lies between Microsoft and Google.


Microsoft working on 'Zune HD2' powered by Windows Phone 7

03/10/2010, 02:03 pm

Similar to how Apple's iPod touch came from the development of the iPhone, Microsoft reportedly plans to base the follow-up to its Zune HD media player on the Windows Phone 7 Series mobile operating system.


Apple's patent 'warning shots' prove disruptive for handset makers

03/09/2010, 09:03 am

Before Apple publicly sued HTC, the iPhone maker privately had "blunt conversations" with other smartphone companies, amounting to legal threats that have proven disruptive to the roadmaps of would-be iPhone killers, according to a new report.


Gartner: Apple's iPhone was No. 3 worldwide smartphone in 2009

02/23/2010, 09:02 am

After more than doubling its total sales from a year prior, the iPhone platform was catapulted into third place in global smartphone sales in 2009, with Apple shipping 24.9 million handsets.


Microsoft aims at Apple with multitouch Windows Phone 7 Series

02/15/2010, 10:02 am

(Mobile World Congress) Just four months after Windows Mobile 6.5 hit the market, Microsoft has officially introduced Windows Phone 7 Series, the new multitouch-capable mobile operating system the software giant hopes will take on Apple's iPhone.


Despite Apple's absence, iPhone is talk of Mobile World Congress

02/15/2010, 08:02 am

(Mobile World Congress) Apple is not officially present at this week's Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Spain, yet carriers are talking about the iPhone and rivals are introducing what they hope to pitch as "iPhone killers."


Apple's iPhone exceeds Windows Mobile in US usage - study

12/17/2009, 09:12 am

Though previous studies found the iPhone was outselling Windows Mobile devices and had a greater presence online, Apple's handset finally unseated Microsoft devices in terms of overall use in October, a new study has found.


Flash coming to most smartphones, but not Apple's iPhone

10/05/2009, 09:10 am

Adobe on Monday announced partnerships with numerous handset operating system makers, including Research in Motion, Nokia, Palm, Google and Microsoft, to bring Flash Player 10.1 to smartphones. Absent from the list: Apple.


Like Apple, Microsoft rumored to be creating tablet

09/21/2009, 11:09 am

Just as they compete in numerous other markets, Microsoft and Apple could be going head to head with new touchscreen tablet devices in the near future, if a new rumor proves true.


Windows Mobile 6.5 to take on Apple's iPhone starting Oct. 6

09/01/2009, 01:09 pm

Microsoft announced Tuesday that hardware equipped with Windows Mobile 6.5, its latest smartphone platform to compete with Apple's iPhone, will be available to consumers on Oct. 6.


Microsoft hopes to take on Apple with dual mobile platforms

08/19/2009, 04:08 pm

A new report from Taiwan states that Microsoft intends to debut a touch interface for Windows Mobile 6.5 in early 2010, along with version 7 later that year to compete with the iPhone.


Microsoft details how to port programs from Apple's App Store

08/04/2009, 07:08 am

In an attempt to encourage developers to bring their software to Windows Mobile, Microsoft has published a technical document describing how to port applications from the iPhone to the platform one company official said has a superior Web browser.


iPhone SMS exploit patch expected this weekend

07/31/2009, 10:07 am

A day after experts revealed a major text message-based security flaw in the iPhone, the BBC reports that Apple is expected to release a fix for the exploit through iTunes on Saturday.