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Topic: iPad 2

Apple releases iOS 4.3 with faster JavaScript, support for AirPlay in apps

03/09/2011, 01:03 pm

Apple on Wednesday released iOS 4.3 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, bringing new features like Personal Hotspot, AirPlay support for third-party apps, and JavaScript Web browsing speeds twice as fast.


Apple may partner with TSMC for A5 production in potential blow to Samsung

03/09/2011, 08:03 am

Apple has allegedly inked a deal with chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. to produce the A5 chip for the iPad 2, a move that is seen as a potential loss for Samsung.


JP Morgan: Apple's iPad 2 could cause 'bubble burst' for rival tablets

03/09/2011, 01:03 am

According to one Wall Street analyst, Apple's soon-to-be-released iPad 2 could burst a bubble for competitors who are hoping to capitalize on the growing tablet market but remain unable to catch up.


Inside AT&T vs Verizon iPad 2 data service plans [u]

03/08/2011, 11:03 pm

Apple is offering iPad 2 in two carrier options within the US, but AT&T and Verizon's plans differ significantly [update: Verizon's iPad plan has no activation fees].


Apple's iPad 2 launch predicted to have stronger sales but shorter lines

03/08/2011, 09:03 am

Initial sales of the iPad 2 are expected to surpass the first-generation device, but numerous new points of distribution for Friday's launch are predicted to dilute lines of people.


AT&T allows legacy unlimited data for iPad 2; Samsung won't delay Galaxy Tab 10.1

03/07/2011, 11:03 am

AT&T revealed that it will continue to honor unlimited month-to-month 3G data plans for grandfathered customers when the iPad 2 launches on Friday. Also, Samsung has said it will not delay its Galaxy Tab 10.1, despite comments that the company would revise its design after seeing the iPad 2.


Commercial airlines look to Apple's iPad for paperless cockpits

03/07/2011, 09:03 am

With the Federal Aviation Administration granting early approval for the use of the iPad in airplane cockpits, major commercial airline companies like Delta are exploring the possibility of using Apple's touchscreen tablet to ditch paper maps entirely.


Apple's iPad 2 prompts Samsung to improve 'inadequate' parts of Galaxy Tab 10.1

03/04/2011, 09:03 am

Samsung is headed back to the drawing board for its forthcoming Galaxy Tab 10.1 to improve "inadequate" parts and reconsider pricing after Apple unveiled its iPad 2 this week.


Shipments of Apple's iPad 2 could reach 10-12M in Q2 2011

03/04/2011, 12:03 am

Apple's Taiwanese suppliers have indicated that production of iPad 2 models will reach three million units in the first quarter of 2011, before ramping up to 10-12 million units in the second quarter, a new report claims.


Gartner lowers PC sales forecast, says Apple's iPad 'redefining' computing

03/03/2011, 01:03 pm

Demand for tablet-style devices -- particularly Apple's iPad -- is expected to weaken demand for traditional PCs in 2011 and 2012, research firm Gartner has predicted.


Walmart, Best Buy advertise availability of Apple's iPad 2

03/03/2011, 11:03 am

In addition to Apple's retail stores, Best Buy will sell the iPad 2 on its March 11 launch day, while Walmart has also advertised the second-generation tablet but has not confirmed a sale date.


New iPad 2 dock revealed; Apple offers $100 refund to recent iPad buyers

03/03/2011, 10:03 am

Customers who bought a first-generation iPad in the last two weeks can opt to return their device to Apple, or request a $100 refund, now that the iPad 2 has been announced. Also, the company will release a new dock designed to fit the smaller form factor of the iPad 2, though no new keyboard dock has been shown.


Apple's A5 CPU in iPad 2 has 512MB of RAM, same as iPhone 4 - report

03/03/2011, 08:03 am

Though Apple has not officially disclosed how much RAM is found in the iPad 2, a Korean semiconductor analyst has claimed to know that the new A5 processor has 512MB of memory.


Wall Street impressed by 'evolutionary' improvement in Apple's iPad 2

03/02/2011, 11:03 pm

Wall Street analysts reacted positively to Apple's unveiling of the iPad 2 on Wednesday and remained optimistic about the company's continued ability to lead the tablet market, though they viewed the refresh as mostly "evolutionary."


Video stream of Apple's iPad 2 keynote with Steve Jobs now available

03/02/2011, 08:03 pm

Apple has posted the live stream of Wednesday's iPad 2 event, which featured a surprise appearance by Chief Executive Steve Jobs.


Newly replaced first-gen iPad now discounted $100 by Apple

03/02/2011, 04:03 pm

The new iPad 2 has replaced the first-generation iPad, and Apple has discounted the starting price of the last year's model down to $399, or $349 for a refurbished tablet, for remaining stock.


Apple shows off iMovie, GarageBand for iPad 2

03/02/2011, 01:03 pm

In addition to the new, faster iPad 2, Apple on Wednesday demonstrated new versions of iMovie and GarageBand built for the mobile multi-touch device.


Apple's iOS 4.3 has 2X faster JavaScript, AirPlay enhancements, iTunes to iOS sharing

03/02/2011, 01:03 pm

Apple on Wednesday showed off new features of iOS 4.3, including two times faster JavaScript performance in Safari, and the ability to wirelessly share and stream content from an iTunes library on a Mac or PC to an iOS device.


Apple announces redesigned iPad 2: A5 CPU, 2 cameras, ships March 11

03/02/2011, 01:03 pm

Apple on Wednesday took the wraps off of its second-generation tablet, officially dubbed "iPad 2," with a completely new, thinner design, a faster dual-core A5 processor, and two video cameras, shipping on March 11.


Last-minute iPad 2 mockup surfaces in China with flat back, larger speaker

03/02/2011, 11:03 am

Just hours before Apple is set to announce its second-generation iPad, new images representing the anticipated design of the device, complete with a flatter back and larger speaker grille, have surfaced online.