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Topic: iPod touch

Apple makes Find My iPhone service free for iOS devices

11/22/2010, 09:11 am

Apple on Monday announced that Find My iPhone (and iPad, and iPod touch) is now free to use without a MobileMe subscription, allowing users to locate their lost iOS device at no extra cost.


Apple releases iOS 4.2 for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch [u]

11/22/2010, 01:11 pm

Apple on Monday released iOS 4.2 for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, bringing multitasking, folders and other iOS 4 features to the iPad for the first time [updated].


Apple issues iOS 4.2.1 golden master for iPhone, iPad to developers

11/18/2010, 03:11 pm

Apple on Thursday issued yet another iOS golden master to developers, this time dubbed iOS 4.2.1 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


Apple to launch iAd network in Europe in December

11/18/2010, 08:11 am

Apple on Thursday announced that it will formally launch its iAd mobile advertising network in the United Kingdom and France this December, with Germany to follow in January.


Google Android ties Apple's iOS in mobile ad impressions - report

11/18/2010, 07:11 am

Google Android caught up with Apple's iOS in terms of mobile ad impressions in October, as advertising firm Millennial Media found both iOS and Android accounted for 37 percent of smartphones seen on its network.


Google Docs editing comes to Apple's iOS, Hulu Plus now $7.99/mo.

11/17/2010, 03:11 pm

Google on Wednesday introduced a new mobile editor for its Google Docs productivity service, while Hulu Plus officially launched with a monthly rate of $7.99, $2 less than it charged during its "preview" phase.


Apple's release of iOS 4.2 held up by Wi-Fi issues - rumor [u]

11/12/2010, 08:11 am

Though previous reports alleged that iOS 4.2 would become available on Friday, new rumors suggest the software update for the iPhone and iPad will come next week, on Nov. 16, or perhaps even later to address purported Wi-Fi issues [updated].


Apple, Dentsu partner to expand iAds to Japan in early 2011

11/10/2010, 07:11 am

Apple announced on Wednesday that it has partnered with The Dentsu Group to expand the iAd mobile advertising network to Japan starting in early 2011.


Mac OS X 10.6.5, iTunes 10.1 to arrive Wednesday, iOS 4.2 Friday - rumor

11/09/2010, 03:11 pm

Apple will launch Mac OS X 10.6.5 and iTunes 10.1 on Wednesday, Nov. 10, and iOS 4.2 for iPhone and iPad on Friday, Nov. 12, according to a new rumor.


Sprint to launch ZTE Peel 3G hotspot for Apple's iPod touch on Nov. 14

11/08/2010, 11:11 am

Leaked documents show that Sprint plans to launch the ZTE Peel case for Apple's iPod touch this Sunday for $79.99, giving the media player 3G access and also sharing it over Wi-Fi with up to two devices.


Flash-converting iPhone Skyfire browser to be released in 'batches'

11/05/2010, 08:11 pm

After initial demand for the Skyfire for iPhone app, a browser that converts Flash videos, overwhelmed the company's servers, Skyfire has announced that it will release the app in 'batches.'


Dropping Adobe Flash boosts Apple's MacBook Air battery life by 2 hours

11/04/2010, 05:11 pm

Apple has stopped bundling Adobe Flash on new Macs, ostensibly so users could obtain the latest, secure version themselves, but vastly increased battery life seems to be another leading reason.


New Manhattan office to house Apple's expanding iAd team - report

11/04/2010, 12:11 pm

Apple reportedly plans to set up a new office near Union Square in New York City, from which its growing iAd team will run the company's new mobile advertising network.


Apple details iPhone alarm clock bug in support document

11/03/2010, 03:11 pm

Apple has published a support document on its website in an effort to help users who have been affected by an iPhone issue that caused alarms to go off an hour late in Europe this week.


Steve Jobs: iTunes LP, Extra coming to iOS Apple TV

11/02/2010, 05:11 pm

After its transition into an iOS device, Apple TV lost the ability to display iTunes LP and Extras, but support is on the way according to an email attributed to Apple's chief executive.


First look: Apple's iOS 4.2 golden master with AirPlay, AirPrint, bugs [u]

11/02/2010, 03:11 pm

Apple this week released to developers the golden master build of iOS 4.2, bringing iOS 4 features like folders and multitasking to the iPad, and also introducing AirPlay and AirPrint to the iOS line of devices. AppleInsider offers a closer look, including some bugs and issues [updated].


Skyfire iOS browser approved by Apple, converts Flash video to HTML5

11/02/2010, 08:11 am

A new Apple-approved iPhone and iPad mobile browser from a startup company, set to launch this week, converts video from Adobe Flash to HTML5, though it won't work with Hulu.


Apple looking to assist iOS developers with 'secret' summit - rumor

10/27/2010, 03:10 pm

Apple is said to be hosting an exclusive, secret three-day summit next week in California for iOS developers, in an effort to improve the quality of software on the App Store.


Leaked photos detail Sony's Android-powered 'PlayStation Phone'

10/27/2010, 02:10 pm

Leaked photos of a prototype device suggest that Sony could be planning to take on Apple's iPhone with a new Google Android-powered "PlayStation Phone," combining the company's PlayStation Portable platform with a smartphone.


More than half of online videos are now in iOS-friendly HTML5 (H.264)

10/27/2010, 11:10 am

Apple's crusade against Adobe Flash has shown success in a new survey, which found that 54 percent of video online is now available in H.264 via HTML5, the modern standard for the web embraced by Apple in iOS and Mac OS X.