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Apple posts Mac event video, iLife tutorials, software updates

Apple has posted to its website an on-demand video feed of Steve Jobs' Mac-centric presentation on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the company is also offering video tutorials covering the newly announced versions of iLife and iWork. And minor software updates to Aperture, iPhoto and Front Row have also been released.

Keynote video

If you weren't among the hundred or so guests invited to Apple's campus on Tuesday, you likely missed Apple chief executive Steve Jobs unveil the all-new iMac and demo new features in iLife '08, iWork '08, and .Mac. No sweat though, Apple has now posted a video stream of the event to its website, in addition to a copy of its new iMac television commercial.

Unfortunately, the 72-minute keynote feed stops just short of the Q & A session that followed Jobs' formal presentation. Those readers interested in the revelations made during the Q & A can check out AppleInsider's summary of the chat.

iLife and iWork tutorials

The thick of Jobs' presentation focused on the company's software advancements to iLife and iWork. Readers who don't have time to watch the full blown video stream can alternatively turn to Apple's iLife '08 online video tutorials and step through the new software features at their own pace.

Apple is offering a similar set of online video tutorials covering iWork '08, in addition to an iLife '08 guided tour that can be downloaded to a Mac or iPod.

Additionally, Apple has posted a free 30-day trial of iWork (not iLife) as a digital download. Those who wish to later purchase the software can simply buy a serial number from Apple online.

Software updates

Also appearing on Apple's website Tuesday evening were software updates to iPhoto, Front Row and Aperture:

iPhoto 7.0.1

iPhoto 7.0.1 [8.8MB] addresses issues associated with publishing photos from an upgraded library to .Mac Web Gallery.

Front Row 1.3.1

Front Row 1.3.1 []4.5MB] provides for improved iPhoto compatibility.

Aperture 1.5.4 Update

Aperture 1.5.4 Update [129.7MB] is required for compatibility with iLife '08. This update is recommended for all Aperture users.