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Review: Ecovacs Ozmo 601 is an iPhone-controlled robo vac that can also moprating

07/15/2018, 08:57:PM

Robotic vacuums have grown increasingly capable over the years. We recently put one of Ecovacs' newest to the test that is capable of not only sweeping up debris on solid floors and carpets, but mopping as well.


Apple's new leather MacBook Sleeve is finely crafted and high quality -- but at a costrating

07/14/2018, 12:18:PM

Apple's leather sleeves must be solid performers, even with their questionable price. Apple has continued to add leather accessories to their growing lineup of cases and covers after starting out with those for the iPhone, and AppleInsider has the latest addition.


Review: AmpliFi Mesh Wi-Fi System and AmpliFi Teleport Kitrating

07/11/2018, 02:22:PM

Amplifi, a subsidiary brand of Ubiquiti, sells Wi-Fi mesh routing systems that target the same market Apple's AirPort routers were focused on: easy-to-manage networks with high performance and industrial design pleasant enough to put in the home.


Review: Belkin's trio of new wireless chargers target iPhone usersrating

07/09/2018, 05:11:PM

When Apple debuted the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X last September, the company also announced partnerships with both Belkin and Mophie on a pair of wireless chargers. Just under a year later, much has changed. The market has become increasingly saturated with countless wireless products from competitors, but Belkin is looking to set itself apart from the crowd with its latest offerings.


Review: LIFX Beam with Apple HomeKit is a cool remote-controlled lighting featurerating

07/04/2018, 01:13:PM

The Beam may be a luxury, and has a few rough edges, but proves to be a cool way of making smart lighting a focus of your home instead of just another fixture.


Review: Marshall multi-room speakers sound great, but lack AirPlay 2rating

07/02/2018, 03:52:PM

AppleInsider checks out Marshall's Stanmore and Action multi-room speakers to test out if they are solid options for the wireless speaker fan, even if they only support only the original AirPlay.


Review: Olloclip for iPhone X -- the best budget lens systemrating

06/30/2018, 12:53:PM

Olloclip released an updated version of their popular mobile lenses, tailor-made for the iPhone X. Included is a wide angle lens, a fisheye lens, and a macro lens -- and we've been testing it out for a few weeks.


Review: Elgato's Eve Aqua water controller is for HomeKit diehardsrating

06/29/2018, 03:38:PM

As the British might say, the Eve Aqua "does what it says on the tin," even if it could stand refinements in some areas.


Review: Amazon's Fire TV Cube isn't that much better than older modelsrating

06/26/2018, 03:41:PM

Amazon has started shipping the Fire TV Cube, a media player aiming at the Apple TV 4K. But, can it bring as much to the table as Apple's device does, for just a little bit less money?


Review: Netgear's Cable Orbi Kit delivers fast whole-home Wi-Firating

06/22/2018, 02:13:PM

The Netgear Cable Orbi is a quality -- if pricey -- all-in-one package, potentially ideal for people looking to escape modem rentals and leap into mesh Wi-Fi at the same time.


Review: Amazon's Echo Spot is a cool device, but needs to do more with its screenrating

06/17/2018, 09:37:AM

The Echo Spot is undeniably a cool product, but without YouTube it's hard to justify over a regular Echo, except for people with security cameras or those wanting the world's best alarm clock.


Nomad's upgraded Battery Cable simplifies on-the-go iPhone chargingrating

06/12/2018, 03:00:AM

Nomad's popular Battery Cable, which integrates a battery pack into a Lightning-enabled charging cable, has received a significant upgrade, with the second-generation version enhanced by a more robust exterior, higher capacity battery and other changes.


Review: HomeKit compatible First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound smoke detector more than it appearsrating

06/10/2018, 03:41:PM

By acting as a pair of safety sensors, a speaker, a HomeKit device, an Alexa smart assistant, and soon an AirPlay 2 speaker, First Alert's Onelink Safe & Sound wants to be a welcome addition to any home. AppleInsider checks it out.


Review: Logi Circle 2 is the best HomeKit camera, but Apple's support is lackingrating

05/20/2018, 04:08:PM

We've spent a few months with Logitech's flagship smart home security camera that gained support for HomeKit just last fall. After extensive usage, we have the verdict on one of the most popular HomeKit cams yet.


Review: Philips Hue Wellner lamp with Apple HomeKitrating

05/18/2018, 03:05:PM

If you're into its style, the Philips Hue Wellner lamp can be a decent way to way to expand an existing Hue setup, but it's not much good to people who haven't invested -- or plan to invest -- in the ecosystem.


Review: Linksys Velop dual-band routers are an affordable mesh networking solutionrating

05/13/2018, 06:32:PM

Mesh routers are the new hot trend in wireless networking, though they tend to be expensive. We took the new budget-friendly Linksys Velop dual-band whole home Wi-Fi system for a test to see how it performed, and compared it to the popular tri-band version.


Review: Nomad's leather Apple Watch straps make a bold statementrating

05/07/2018, 03:17:PM

Nomad, using their standard blend of high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, has released several Apple Watch bands. Of them, their leather straps are the most lust-worthy and notable, and AppleInsider has been wearing them for a while now.


Review: Ecobee4 Thermostat a strong choice for Apple HomeKit & Amazon Alexa usersrating

04/30/2018, 11:16:AM

The ecobee4 is easily one of the best smart thermostats you can buy, the only questions being compatibility with your house and whether you can justify its hefty price tag.


Review: Native Union Eclipse provides USB-A and USB-C charging with stylish cable storagerating

04/29/2018, 07:37:PM

Native Union aims to solve your cable clutter with a futuristic motorized charging station. AppleInsider took it for a spin to see if it really was the answer to all our charging problems.


Review: Nomad wireless travel stand is our favorite portable charger, but it could do morerating

04/28/2018, 05:14:PM

Nomad's wireless travel charger for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X bucks the trend of many popular chargers, opting for a rounded-rectangular design that transforms from a charging pad, to a vertical charging stand -- and we've been using it for a while.