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Topic: iBooks

Google to take on Apple, Amazon in e-book sales this summer

05/04/2010, 04:05 pm

Google plans to begin selling e-books in late June or July, getting into the digital business Apple recently entered with the iPad and its own iBookstore.


Apple announces iPad sales top 1 million in less than a month

05/03/2010, 08:05 am

Apple's new iPad reached one million sales last Friday, the day the iPad 3G launched, and just 28 days after the hardware was introduced on April 3.


Oprah gushes over 'amazing' new Apple iPad

04/27/2010, 11:04 am

Television personality Oprah Winfrey, who in the past boosted sales of the Amazon Kindle by praising it on her program, recently declared herself a fan of Apple's iPad for an audience of millions to see.


Twitter users' biggest complaint with iPad: it can't replace an iPhone

04/06/2010, 08:04 am

Twitter users reacting to Apple's iPad after it launched on Saturday were overwhelmingly happy with the new device, with the biggest complaint being that the device can't replace their iPhone, a new survey of the social networking Web site found.


Apple releases iBooks for iPad on App Store

04/02/2010, 08:04 am

Apple's iBooks application, which includes the iBookstore for purchasing new titles to read on the iPad, is now available for download in the App Store through iTunes.


Apple offers guided tours of iPad software with new videos

03/29/2010, 03:03 pm

In-depth video demonstrations of the iPad software including Safari browser, iBooks, Keynote, Pages and Numbers have been posted on Apple's Web site days before the hardware will be available for consumers to purchase.


Apple's iPad iBookstore offers low-cost e-book self publishing

03/29/2010, 11:03 am

Self-publishing authors will be able to offer their titles on Apple's iBookstore for the iPad at almost no cost, potentially breaking down the barriers for independent writers who want to sell their work across the globe.


Price concerns keep Random House content from Apple iPad

03/24/2010, 11:03 am

The largest book publisher in the world may not offer its content for the iBookstore on Apple's iPad when the device launches April 3, as Random House is reportedly concerned over the effects of e-book prices.


One-third of Apple iPad buyers plan to read books, newspapers

03/23/2010, 11:03 am

More than a third of those eyeing Apple's forthcoming iPad will read books, newspapers and magazines on the touchscreen device, a new study has found.


Amazon reveals all-new Kindle e-book app for Apple iPad

03/22/2010, 08:03 am

In addition to their own respective e-ink hardware devices, booksellers Amazon and Barnes & Noble will also release their own separate digital bookstores for Apple's iPad and other touchscreen tablet devices.


Barnes & Noble announces intent to release iPad e-reader app

03/11/2010, 01:03 pm

Bookseller Barnes & Noble revealed Thursday its plans to release its bookstore and e-reading software for the iPad with an application that would compete with Apple's own iBookstore.


Apple tweaks App Store, e-book categories prior to iPad launch

03/11/2010, 12:03 pm

Apple has been making last-minute changes to its App Store and iBookstore leading up to the April 3 launch of the iPad, according to a new report.


iPad ad shows book prices from $8 to $15, Steve Jobs at Oscars

03/08/2010, 09:03 am

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was in attendance at the Oscars Sunday night, and during the telecast the first iPad ad revealed, upon closer look, prices for some titles in the new iBookstore.


Publishers justify $13-$15 e-book prices for Apple iPad

03/01/2010, 03:03 pm

After the introduction of the iPad gave publishers leverage to raise e-book prices on the Amazon Kindle, a new report states that consumers have "unrealistic expectations" about how low e-book prices should be.


Some Apple iPad e-book bestsellers could still be $10 or less

02/18/2010, 08:02 am

While the announcement of the iPad convinced numerous publishers to strong-arm Amazon into allowing them to sell e-books for the Kindle for more than $9.99, a new report says not every new bestseller on the iPad will carry a premium price.


Publishers skeptical of Apple iPad business model

02/16/2010, 08:02 am

Apple's revenue sharing plan and unwillingness to share consumer information with content providers have proven to be sticking points with the publishers the iPad-maker is attempting to court.


Apple to offer publishers FairPlay DRM for iPad books - report

02/15/2010, 02:02 pm

Apple's FairPlay digital rights management will be an option for publishers who sell e-books the iBooks application on the forthcoming multi-touch iPad, according to a new report.


IBM plans Lotus for Apple iPad, e-reader eye strain explored

02/12/2010, 01:02 pm

IBM just released its Lotus software for the iPhone and has now turned its attention to the iPad, while a new article explores the facts and myths of LCD eye strain from reading books on devices like the iPad.


Amazon may compete with Apple iPad by giving away free Kindles

02/12/2010, 10:02 am

As Amazon's e-book business continues to evolve in the wake of the Apple iPad announcement, a new rumor suggests the company is exploring the possibility of giving a Kindle reader to its best customers.


Disney executive praises potential of Apple iPad

02/10/2010, 08:02 am

Calling the iPad a "game changer," Walt Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger revealed Tuesday that his company has big plans for Apple's device, including interactive TV, games, applications and comic books.